Preserve your business data, regardless of your structure

Protect and preserve your company data: this data is critical to your business. In case of loss or accidental deletion of a file, you enhance your productivity when you are able to restore it immediately. In case of major issues such as computer crash or damage, your data recovery capability will simply be the key to restarting your activity.

Free yourself from unnecessary constraints: Oodrive offers innovative backup solutions that simplify your processes and your infrastructure. The data is hosted by Oodrive, and certain data can be kept at your premises if you opt for a hybrid architecture. You reduce the burden of administration and lighten your IT infrastructure.

Different solutions for different needs: Oodrive’s online backup solutions are available for small businesses, medium and large companies, offering different service and support levels to meet your needs regardless of the size of your IT department.

Preserve your business data, regardless of your structure

Solutions for archiving your data on your premises or in the Cloud

Solutions for archiving your data on your premises or in the Cloud

Preserve your data. Over time, your company accumulates a significant amount of data that you have to keep for legal reasons or simply because you need it for future projects. However, building a long-term archiving system is a challenge. Oodrive’s Cloud archiving solutions respond to this problematic.

Find them easily. Being able to find specific data or a file among thousands makes all the difference, which is why Oodrive made sure that accessibility and the search functions were extremely ergonomic. Very simple file or web interfaces enable business users to recover their data and reuse it.

Reduce costs. Studies show that less than 2% of the company’s total data are used on a regular basis. That means your storage spaces are cluttered with data that can be stored elsewhere. With Oodrive solutions, you free up your storage space, reduce costs, and externalise a part of your infrastructure.


Backup for enterprises

Adbackup allows companies to easily manage the backup of their entire IT stock and IT environments, no matter how heterogeneous they are. It provides both performance and security to suit the needs of the most demanding businesses.

Backup for small businesses

Adbackup allows small businesses to protect themselves against all kinds of computer damage (theft, water damage, fire, virus, handling error…) by backing up their most sensitive data in highly secure data centres located in France.

File archiving

The Active Circle solution allows you to archive your files in a virtualised, long-term storage space available on your network. It offers a hybrid architecture: recent data can be located on your network while older data are stored in the Cloud without any capacity limitation. All of your files are safely preserved and remain available whenever you need them.

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