• Backup
  • Fixed and mobile workstations
  • Physical and virtual servers
  • Heterogeneous environments
  • Future-proof
  • Work files
  • Data base
  • Configurations (BMR)
  • Gain serenity
  • Immediate restoration
  • Insurance of up to € 3,000,000
  • Remote monitoring

Why backup online?

A company’s data is essential for its proper functioning and critical for its activity. Online, automatic and externalised backups remain the only way to ensure an immediate and complete restoration of data and, in addition to security and total privacy, to ensure the rapid recovery of the activity in case of a crash.

Many and varied risks: AdBackup enables small and micro businesses to guard against any risk of computer loss (theft, water damage, fire, viruses, bad handling, etc.) by backing up their critical data to hosting centres that are highly secure, redundant and situated in France.

“Traditional” backups: Today, most businesses back up data on physical media; however, they bring with them a risk of damage (physical, mechanical, electronic or magnetic) or operator error. AdBackup guarantees data recovery in all circumstances and without dedicating human resources to the backup.

Why backup online?

Free yourself of stress

Free yourself of stress

Automatic backups: you can define the frequency and schedule your backups. They are then carried out automatically, without human intervention and without disturbing your current activities.

Zero maintenance: AdBackup is a 100% online solution that frees you of any material constraint. You are no longer dependent on physical media (tapes, hard disks, etc.) and do not have to worry about failure, maintenance or renewal of your hardware.

Remote control: alerts and reports allow you to easily monitor all backups wherever you are, whenever you have an internet connection.

Solutions for every need

Different needs: some of your data need to be backed up more frequently or kept longer than others. Your accounting, for example, must be saved monthly and stored for several years, while a customer database changes daily. Therefore AdBackup gives you the ability to create as many backup sets as you want.

Heterogeneous environments: AdBackup is compatible with most operating systems available on the market and can save all types of data stored on all types of machines, whether physical or virtual. It adapts to the complexity of your IT organisation.

All types of data: AdBackup protect all your business data, regardless of their type and volume. It saves the files as well as complex databases (Exchange, SharePoint, Oracle, etc.) and critical applications as well (ERP, CRM, SAP, emails, etc.).

Solutions for every need

Security and confidentiality

Security and confidentiality

The data is not stored locally in your infrastructure, therefore you completely eliminate the material risks (failure or server crash, operating errors, theft or burglary, water damage and fire, etc.). To ensure the longevity of your data, Oodrive has established a very strict protocol with regard to their security:

French hosting under high protection:

  • Data on two redundant data centres located in France and situated at least 30 km apart
  • High performance infrastructure: round-the-clock monitoring, anti-fire doors, electrical safety, fire detection, custom codes and alarms, etc.
  • ISO 27 001 certified hosting

Data encryption: AdBackup provides end-to-end encryption of your data with a 256-bit AES key generated from a passphrase of your choice.

Insurance against loss of data: AdBackup contractually guarantees the saved data. In case of non-recovery, the damage will be estimated by an insurer for compensation of up to €3,000,000.

Key features

  • Snapshot


    AdBackup relies on a “Snapshot” feature that can be compared to taking a photo of the files or folders at the time of the backup. Intuitive, this method captures a coherent set of documents or files on a given date

  • Bare Metal Restore

    Bare Metal Recovery

    The BMR module (Bare Metal Recovery) restores the complete configuration of a workstation or a server in a single operation. This way, you avoid a prolonged interruption of your business due to data loss

  • Delta Block Incremental Backup Mode

    Delta Block Incremental Backup Mode

    Delta Block mode reduces the volume of data to be backed up by up to 98% by only sending the “blocks” (32 KB) of files that were actually modified

  • Versioning


    The user has many options for restoration as there are snapshots (complete pictures) of a set stored on the Oodrive server

  • Selection Analyser

    Selection Analyser

    The selection analyser ensures the backup of files that are essential to your business

  • Local Backup

    Local Backup

    Create offline backup sets and have an additional level of security for your files

  • Backup and Recovery on physical medium

    Backup and Recovery on physical medium

    Makes it possible to quickly externalise substantial volumes of data to implement the solution in a very short time, while saving bandwidth

  • Satellite server

    Satellite server

    Benefit from a double security for your data and a faster recovery