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Data preserved regardless of their environment

Protect your computer data: Data is often the primary asset of the company and its growing volume requires the use of appropriate solutions. With AdBackup, Oodrive offers a range of comprehensive and efficient solutions for backing up and restoring all of your data. You can protect yourself against loss or destruction and quickly resume business in the event of loss.

Backups in heterogeneous environments: AdBackup allows you to save every type of environment, even the most complex ones and adapts to the diversity of computer equipment in the company.

  • Physical and virtual machines (VMWare and HyperV)
  • Windows, Linux, Mac and AS/400 operating systems
  • Hot backups of databases (Exchange, MS SQL, Oracle, etc.)
  • Backup and restoration of entire configurations thanks to the Bare Metal Restore (BMR) module
Data preserved regardless of their environment

Solutions tailored to the most specific needs

Solutions tailored to the most specific needs

Choice of installation mode: AdBackup is available in SaaS mode. As such, you can take advantage of the most innovative technologies and the security of certified and redundant hosting. You can also opt for a hybrid cloud deployment. Your data will be saved within your infrastructure and duplicated in the cloud for added security.

An offer that adjusts to your use: Thanks to the flexibility of its business model, AdBackup adapts to changing data volumes. The solution takes into account increases in your consumption without disruption.

Premium support: The Oodrive teams guide you through the deployment of the solution as well as in case of restoration of your data. You have the assurance of getting high quality technical support in all circumstances.

A commitment to security

Certified French hosting: Oodrive is a French company and hosts your backed up data on the French territory, protecting you from US laws that may affect the confidentiality of your data (Freedom Act). Your backup sets are redundant across multiple ISO 27 001 certified data centres that are at least 30 km (19 miles) apart from each other.

Encryption: AdBackup provides end-to-end encryption of your data with a 256 bit AES key generated from a passphrase of your choice.

Insurance against loss of data: AdBackup contractually guarantees the saved data. In case of non-restoration, an insurance company appointed by Oodrive will assess the damage and determine a compensation of up to € 3,000,000.

A commitment to security

Optimised performances

Optimised performances

Configuration and automation: AdBackup allows you to configure your backups by choosing their frequency and time. They are then performed automatically, without human intervention. You can keep working on your data even when a backup is running.

Control of the bandwidth: AdBackup integrates Delta Block technology for fast online backup and optimisation of the bandwidth. The initial backup concerns all of your data. After that, only the file fragments (“blocks”) that have been modified are sent. This incremental backup in block mode allows you to better manage your resources.

To preserve bandwidth and implement the solution quickly, the first backup can be performed on a physical support provided by Oodrive. The content is then transferred to the servers that will host your data.

Data restoration: AdBackup allows you to quickly recover an operational computer system, in an independent and intuitive manner. Data restoration can be partial (files, databases, virtual machines, etc.) or full, as required.

If you want to further reduce restoration times, especially in case of large amounts of data, Oodrive can send you backup sets in hard copy.

Our clients

Customer Case Studies and use cases

Galapagos integrates AdBackup corporate online backup solution into its "Success Continuity" strategy
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Galapagos, a Belgian company and a world leader in biotechnology, opted for the AdBackup Corporate solution to protect its 15TB of computer data and optimise its ‘Business Continuity’ plan.

The Galapagos company, located in Mechelen, recently entered into various partnerships with GSK, Roche and Janssen Pharmaceutica, generating a 100 million euro turnover in 2009, with its clinical research programmes largely contributing to the company’s success. And turnover for 2010 is expected to exceed EUR 135 million.

Galapagos needed a Business Continuity plan to match its ambitions

Faced with the pressure from these new projects, the company’s management was concerned that:

  • The potential unavailability of IT tools could interrupt their research, pushing back their deadlines;
  • Failure of their backup system could cause data loss and jeopardise many years of clinical trials.

Both cases make it difficult for them to reach their 2010 targets.

By basing their Business Continuity plan on the AdBackup Corporate solution, Galapagos has successfully increased its performance level and reduced the total backup management cost, while decreasing the risk level.

“In terms of value for money, AdBackup Corporate really stood out. Not only do we perform a local backup of our Belgian, French and Dutch websites daily, which was not possible before we integrated AdBackup Corporate, but we also immediately have access to a second copy in France. We backup a total of roughly 15 TB every day… and this through an 8 Mbps Internet connection. I would never have thought that an online backup solution could achieve this and with such stability!” declared Mr. Marc De Boeck, ICT Director of Galapagos.

Online backup is entering a new era!

Since its emergence in the early 2000s, online backups were largely limited to SMEs. Ten years later, market trends and the development of new technologies have allowed larger companies to embrace backup technology.

Edouard de Rémur, Sales Director of the Oodrive Group points out that “Today, thanks to the combination of our powerful Delta Block technology, a rapidly evolving product line, the falling prices of hard drives and reduced bandwidth, we can offer Business Continuity solutions that are extremely efficient at unbeatable prices to large corporations.

When I see other companies’ interest in our solutions, I am confident that we are at the beginning of a new era for online backup. Between 2000 and 2010 the focus was pretty much on the SMEs market and I would not be surprised to see the deployment of our solutions in large corporations during this next decade”.

Mr de Rémur adds: “Today, all companies have a tight budget and a need to automate routine tasks. Backing up data is important but does not add value to the company. We therefore have a role to play”.