• Hybrid Cloud Mode
  • Hierarchical storage
  • Both locally…
  • … and in the Cloud
  • Unlimited storage
  • Files of any size
  • Expandable capacity
  • Unlimited number of files
  • Completely innovative
  • Replaces file servers
  • Replaces NAS
  • Storage and archiving combined

A file storage solution without limits

Go beyond the limits of storage. With the Software-Defined Storage approach, you have a virtualised storage space available on your network. You define whether the storage is local or hosted by Oodrive. For local storage, you can easily change providers or storage technology.

Limitless storage capacity. With Active Circle and its modular, ‘software-defined’ architecture, you increase the capacity of your storage from a few terabytes to multiple petabytes without interruption. You absorb data growth.

Any file type, any size. Most storage and file archiving systems are limited. With Active Circle, store and archive any type of files, even files of hundreds of gigabytes.

A file storage solution without limits

Preserve and store your data

Preserve and store your data

The data is preserved. Your files are automatically duplicated and stored in multiple locations. They are protected against failure, loss, or human error. They no longer clutter backups unnecessarily.

They are automatically archived. With Active Circle, recent data is accessible without latency, and the old data is automatically archived on cold media or in the cloud, while remaining accessible. Active Circle achieves the synthesis between storage and archiving.

Long term. Active Circle automatically and regularly checks the readability of files, their integrity and the quality of the physical support throughout their life cycle. You will not lose your data anymore.

Provide your users with an easy and available access

Easy access. Active Circle is present on the network as a virtual NAS (file server). Your users and applications easily access their data.

Always available. With its redundant architecture, Active Circle allows access to files even in case of server failure. You increase the quality of service.

Access by media interface. In addition to the file mode, Active Circle offers an asset management web application for rich content such as images, videos, or other multimedia data.

Provide your users with an easy and available access

Simplify administration and reduce storage costs

Simplify administration and reduce storage costs

Prioritise storage to reduce costs. With tiered storage, the files are moved onto cheaper storage in a transparent manner. You free up your disk space for recent data and your storage is always optimised.

Simplify. Consolidate storage management, archiving, replication, backup, and file transfer functions all in one tool self-managed by strategies. You radically simplify administration.

Externalise. With hybrid storage, you determine how much of your file storage you want to automatically externalise to the Cloud. You reduce your infrastructure and administrative burden.

Key features

  • Capacity expansion

    To increase the capacity, you add physical disk, cloud or tape space, and add partitions to existing pools. This operation is done without stopping the service

  • Versioning


    The logging strategy keeps versions if the files are changed. You control the number of versions to be kept

  • Data sharing

    Data sharing

    A share can be physically distributed but remains a single logical space. A distributed lock manager technology manages data consistency

  • Integrity checking

    Active Circle verifies the integrity of each file by calculating the MD5 or SHA-1 signature and comparing it with the original.

  • Self-protection of data by replication

    Any set of files may be automatically replicated in several copies, depending on the desired level of protection

  • Distributed storage and global naming

    The servers (nodes) can be distributed across multiple sites. The set of nodes form a global namespace called Circle. You can access your data from any point whatsoever

  • Preview

    Hierarchical storage

    The oldest data is moved to the cold storage pools (disk, tape or cloud), while remaining visible and accessible

  • Hybrid Cloud Storage

    In hybrid mode, you have storage space at your business site and in the Cloud, for preservation or security. You define the copy or migration rules between the two.


Active Circle archiving solution – Product datasheet