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Protect your customers' data to better understand their needs.

A secure digital transformation to help you get to know your customers

Due to the nature of the data managed by players in banking, finance and insurance, increasingly sophisticated tools have been developed to prevent risk. The sensitivity of the information held makes data highly valuable, and the perfect target for hackers. At the same time, cooperation and information sharing seem to be receiving serious attention in order to keep cybersecurity automation superior to that in other sectors.


increase in cyber attacks against financial institutions worldwide in a period of lockdown and homeworking


of customers say they are ready to leave their bank or insurance provider after just one outage in the event of a cyber attack


of companies that have lost their computer data following a cyber attack go bankrupt within 12 months.

Make cybersecurity a foundational pillar of your security policy

Compliance with current regulations

Your security policy is extremely rigorous. Oodrive offers a range of collaborative solutions that are among the most secure on the market, hosted in France and already used by many companies in the sector.

Our Solutions

Accompany your customers to a new banking and insurance experience

Present your customers with simple, secure, fully digitized workflows that improve your conversion rates and streamline your costs. With our electronic signature solution, you offer the best customer experience.

Our Solutions

Protect corporate data to build trust and confidence

Ensure compliance of data collection and processing tools with the requirements of the RGPD with websites and servers secured by electronic certificates. Store members' personal data in servers located in Europe.

Our Solutions

For BNP Paribas Personal Finance, electronic signing is a key function that enables the customer to be supported through the sign-up process

- Renaud Ferran, Director of Marketing and Digital at BNP Paribas Personal Finance

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Confident digital exchanges

With oodrive, you can rest assured that your exchanges and financial transactions are secure. Thanks to our EBICS-TS-compatible certificates, guarantee identities and sign order files for exchanges of information and financial flows.

Ensure compliance with the DSP2 Directive

CertEurope, the leading eIDAS Trust Service Provider in France, provides DSP2 Qualified Website Authentication Certificates (QWAC) and DSP2 Qualified Electronic Seal Certificates (QSealC) in compliance with the eIDAS regulation.

High-availability hosting

Oodrive offers a SaaS mode with shared architecture and, for certain solutions, a private Cloud mode enabling deployment within your company while respecting your limitations and requirements.

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