Making working remotely work: how do you do it?

Making working remotely work : how do you do it? Isn’t technology wonderful? We can accomplish things that yesterday were…

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Three reasons to choose an online collaboration platform in times of crisis

Working remotely is gradually becoming a widespread practice in the business world, even as a way of attracting new recruits. In fact, you don’t actually have to be in the office physically to do your job and generate added value anymore, especially in new technology or web sectors. It’s safe to say the working world has gone mobile. In times…

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French municipal elections 2020: How to obtain an electronic certificate for new mayors

Since the last municipal elections in France in 2014, IT security in public administration has become much tighter, and new mayors now need to get hold of an electronic certificate. The municipal elections held in March 2020 saw the newly introduced obligation for new elected officials to obtain an electronic certificate and, therefore, a digital identity. Here we explain why…

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DAM platform: what security precautions should you be taking?

As soon as a company starts collecting, storing, and distributing media resources, the issue of security arises. Your (DAM) platform must ensure that the media you index are secure to prevent loss or deterioration. DAM platform: a mark of security Piracy, data going missing, media being destroyed. These issues are all too familiar when managing your digital assets manually. But…

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Strong authentication: why do you need two factors to protect your confidential information?

Companies these days are torn between their desire to find new technologies that facilitate communications and increase productivity, and their growing fears about security. “Cybersecurity shouldn’t interest just a few experts; it should be the whole world’s concern. That’s the challenge we face. We could easily keep this issue among ourselves, but it would be much more effective to open…

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ePrivacy: why is there still no agreement on the new EU Directive?

The European Commissioner for Internal Market and Services has announced that a new draft of the Regulation concerning the respect for private life (ePrivacy) and the protection of personal data in electronic communications would be presented in the coming months. The aim of the new proposal is to finally reach a consensus between the Member States of the European Union…

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Shadow IT: is your corporate security at risk?

It can’t be stressed enough. Keep your guard up online, remembering you are dealing with sensitive data or working outside of the office.  Cyberthreats are all around us, and they show no sign of slowing down. That’s why we need to take all the measures we can to protect company IT systems. But threats to a company’s security policy can…

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How can banking institutions protect their IT systems?

How can banks and other financial institutions ensure their computer systems are secure? For a few years now, the banking and financial sector has been increasingly targeted by cybercriminals. Digital transformation has been marked by an increase in the risk of computer system vulnerabilities, data theft, and hacking. In an attempt to quell the phenomenon, authorities are gradually adopting initiatives…

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