Going digital for board meetings – 4 great reasons not to delay

Your board meetings often contain your company’s most highly confidential and sensitive data. But now you can support the entire…

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10 major benefits of a Digital Asset Management solution

Infographics - Digital Asset Management Keep all your data in one place. Define access rights and copyrights. Find the right…

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6 reasons to adopt a Digital Asset Management platform

Picking up the right cards isn’t enough to win the game. You still need to know the best way to…

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Infographics – Building a collaborative workplace culture

The working world is constantly evolving. New innovative practices are emerging within businesses.  

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7 signs that prove you need a Digital Asset Management tool!

When it comes to marketing and communications, some signs just can’t be ignored. Image research taking too long? Digital files…

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Infographics – Online collaboration : how secure is your data ?

Collaboration tools have been winning over employees and managers for several years, and the trend only continues to grow. But…

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Digital transformation and cybersecurity: the two new challenges facing the financial sector

Digital transformation has been a decisive issue for businesses for several years now. Especially when it comes to dealing with…

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Infographics – The benefits of going paperless for your board meetings

Today, solutions exist that can help throughout the life-cycle of these meetings. Ergonomic and intuitive, they facilitate upstream preparation by…

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