How do you choose a file sharing solution that is right for your business ?

Making the right decision to avoid taking any chance Companies these days are torn between their desire to find new…

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Going digital for board meetings – 4 great reasons not to delay

Your board meetings often contain your company’s most highly confidential and sensitive data. But now you can support the entire life cycle of your meetings with ergonomic and intuitive digital solutions. Digital board meetings : a huge driver of competition and performance The digital revolution has been a huge driver of competition and performance for businesses. Companies in Europe that…

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10 major benefits of a Digital Asset Management solution

Infographics - Digital Asset Management Keep all your data in one place. Define access rights and copyrights. Find the right file at the right time, etc. Find out what are the major benefits of a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution. A DAM solution is your single go-to library for your digital assets: photos, videos, branding, e-learning, the list goes on.…

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6 reasons to adopt a Digital Asset Management platform

Picking up the right cards isn’t enough to win the game. You still need to know the best way to play them. That’s why you need a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution to store, organize, enrich, and share your digital assets – so you can get the most out of them, in line with your communications strategy. Here are 6…

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Infographics – Building a collaborative workplace culture

The working world is constantly evolving. New innovative practices are emerging within businesses.  

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7 signs that prove you need a Digital Asset Management tool!

When it comes to marketing and communications, some signs just can’t be ignored. Image research taking too long? Digital files scattered across your various storage spaces? Media not being used correctly? Resources duplicated or even deteriorated? These are more than enough reasons to suggest things are getting out of hand. But before anything like that happens, learn to spot these…

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Infographics – Online collaboration : how secure is your data ?

Collaboration tools have been winning over employees and managers for several years, and the trend only continues to grow. But while these tools bring a range of benefits with them, it's important not to forget about protecting your data.

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Digital transformation and cybersecurity: the two new challenges facing the financial sector

Digital transformation has been a decisive issue for businesses for several years now. Especially when it comes to dealing with their customers. There’s no question about it – transformation and adaptation are inevitable. And the financial sector is no exception. But it’s important to remain vigilant in the face of these developments. In fact, the rise of digital technology has…

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