Five tips for choosing your board meeting management tool

While the global pandemic has spurred the digital transformation of businesses, it has also profoundly changed the ways in which these organisations communicate and exchange. According to an Ifop study, 51% of meetings now take place online. In parallel to these figures, cyber attacks are on the rise, having increased in 2021 and in the […]

Managing strategic meetings: why opt for a secure solution?

Gestion de réunions stratégiques : pourquoi choisir une solution sécurisée

Cyberattacks on the rise, employees working from home, documents in digital format… The digital transformation is having an impact not only on how strategic company meetings are organised, but also on how they are exposed to risks. While online collaborative tools have emerged and proven useful to organisations as a way to manage such meetings, […]

The three latest Board meeting trends

Several new Board meeting trends have emerged in recent years against a backdrop of digital transformation, the threat of cyber attacks and hybrid ways of working with all three phenomena now considered essential tools for any organisation! In this article, we deep dive into the challenges and impacts of these three phenomena. Mainstreaming hybrid meetings […]