Oodrive offers a complete range of online file management solutions designed specifically for businesses: Collaborative work, Data backup, Trust in online exchanges. Created for users, these solutions allow you to become more agile while preserving the security of your data.

Solutions tailored to the needs of the most demanding enterprises

Quick start: simplicity guides the user experience thanks to the ergonomic and intuitive interfaces developed to be used with no training.

Administrative tools: you have access to a number of options for fine-tuning the settings of the solutions to your needs thus ensuring optimal handling by users.

Premium support: a dedicated contact will guide you throughout your project. You benefit from the dual expertise of our specialists with regard to the product and your industry.

More than 2,500 clients use one of our secure file sharing solutions, including over 70% of the 40 largest French companies listed on the stock exchange.


Solutions tailored to the needs of the most demanding enterprises

A high level of security and performance

A high level of security and performance

Oodrive places security at the heart of its solutions to ensure the durability, integrity and confidentiality of your data.

Oodrive is committed to providing a high level of service and guarantees the performance of its solutions (availability, maintenance, and development…).

A leader in the European Cloud since 2000, Oodrive develops proven solutions whose reliability is regularly assessed by external audits and attested by certifications.

Why choose Oodrive?

Personalised service

  • Project support
  • Deployment assistance
  • Expert technical support
  • Multilingual solutions


  • Physical, application, mobile and processes levels
  • Certifications
  • Local hosting
  • High-level technical infrastructure


  • Simplicity
  • Feature-rich functionality
  • Local R&D
  • Mobile applications

Cloud specialist

  • 15 years of expertise
  • 15,000 customers
  • 70% of the largest French companies
  • 95% renewal

Secure solutions for online file management

Online file sharing and collaboration

Share and sync your documents. Facilitate exchanges internally and externally through secure collaborative platforms.

Backup and archiving

Protect your business’ important data, regardless of the volume and your infrastructure type.

Digital trust

Ensure the integrity of the data and the security of exchanges through a comprehensive range of solutions: certificates, electronic signature and time stamps.