11 August 2015

Desoutter provides its sales team, partners and retailers with a custom-made mobile application, available for Apple, BlackBerry and Android devices.

Paris, 25 November 2014 – Desoutter manufactures and markets electric and pneumatic tool solutions, covering a wide range of assembly and manufacturing processes in the motor vehicle, aerospace, general industries and light assembly sectors. With 100 years of experience, the group has a worldwide presence through its 20 subsidiaries and markets its products in 170 countries. Desoutter group’s sales model combines direct and indirect sales via more than 100 distributors.

With its extensive product offering, a large sales team and a considerable network of retailers, Desoutter sought to provide its staff with an efficient, secure, customisable mobile solution and above all, accessibility when working “offline”.

Oodrive quickly became the obvious choice as service provider. In fact, Desoutter already used Oodrive’s PostFiles solution, for sharing large files.

“Desoutter has a long history of producing innovative and high quality industrial tools. We only work with actors who can bring us the same thing. Our innovative brand image also involves the choice of our own tools,” said Anthony Durand, Desoutter Communications and Brand Manager.

Oodrive therefore created a multidevice, mobile application using their iExtranet Corporate solution to respond to the Desoutter teams’ needs in terms of mobility, security and reliability. Through continuous data synchronisation, users can access the application even in complex environments, and particularly, inside the factories without internet connection.

“Our retailers and our sales representatives must have permanent access to our product catalogue. With constant product updates, consulting the catalogue on a tablet is a great asset for our teams without a proper internet connection in factories,” adds Anthony Durand.

The “MyDesoutterCloud” application functions like a platform with Desoutter’s colours. The products’ technical features are updated daily by internal teams to prepare for a sale and allow us to access the actual spare part stocks, to show video demonstrations, and to rigorously monitor the after-sales department, etc.

“MyDesoutterCloud” works in all countries and all languages, regardless of the technical constraints of infrastructure, processes and the specific browsing habits in countries such as China, Japan, Russia, etc.

Used by nearly 500 people, the “MyDesoutterCloud” app has impressed its users. The group registered a drop in catalogue product print-outs and improved inventory management, sales tracking, etc.

“We offer our customers innovative technological solutions. We therefore had to own a truly powerful and innovative tool ourselves. With this application, our productivity has increased, but that is not the only benefit … Our brand image also strengthens our business and distributors gain in credibility and competitiveness. Today we are the only supplier that provides its staff with such a tool. This solution is our toolkit and with their ongoing support, Oodrive have helped us to tap into all of its resources,” declared Anthony Durand.

About Desoutter Industrial Tools

Founded in 1914, Desoutter is a single source for pneumatic and electric power tools, covering a wide range of production and assembly processes in the Automotive, Aerospace, General Industry and Light Assembly sectors. With 100 years of experience, the group has a worldwide presence through its 20 subsidiaries and markets its products in 170 countries. Desoutter group’s clients include prestigious brands such as Renault, Volkswagen, Airbus, Caterpillar, PSA Peugeot Citroën, etc.

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