Jean-Paul Gaultier

11 August 2015

Founded in 1982 by fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier and Francis Menuge, Jean Paul Gaultier SA is a French luxury brand. Globally renowned for its creations, the company has three business lines: fashion, perfume and beauty products. To increase speed and optimise interactions with their internal and external suppliers, the group has adopted Oodrive’s iExtranet Corporate solution.

A need to improve the speed and reliability of file sharing

In a connected world, it is now impossible not to share digital files. As sharing gateways, these platforms cause problems regarding document size and security. The sharing of documents, photographs, models, or posters are all obstacles that slow down smooth project execution with both internal and external partners. The Jean Paul Gaultier group needed a quick and easy-to-use tool that would ensure simple and secure file sharing solutions.

To solve this issue, Jean-Paul Gaultier group opted for Oodrive, the European specialist in online file management. Oodrive were already working with one of the group’s licensees. Using the professionals-oriented iExtranet Corporate online file sharing solution, Jean-Paul Gaultier has streamlined its file sharing processes with its various partners.

Since the early stages of their collaboration with Oodrive in January 2011, the Jean-Paul Gaultier group have been able to share data online more quickly and without the need for an external webmaster. This solution also further facilitates the company’s file sharing and provides greater control over the downloaded files.

The iExtranet solution—simple, reliable, and easy-to-use

Logins and passwords can be set up based on the intended recipients to ensure full confidentiality. Employees manage access rights to the documents and storage space themselves, which gives the departments greater autonomy.

“When Oodrive first contacted us, we used an extranet solution with limited functionalities that did not help us meet our deadlines. The iExtranet platform allows us to be more efficient; we can send our documents and photos to our different targets within hours after a show or event.” explained Thoai Niradeth, Production & Event Manager at Jean-Paul Gaultier.

The solution simplifies sharing with all of the company’s collaborators, from the PR and internal communications department at Jean-Paul Gaultier to journalists, stylists, photographers and sales representatives. Moreover, this more flexible solution offers different volume capacities for sharing and online collaboration to adapt more effectively to the needs of the business.

“Right from the start, Oodrive has operated in the SaaS and Cloud solutions market. Oodrive solutions are flexible, easy-to-use, very intuitive and can meet companies’ needs to share files online and back up data. We are delighted that Jean-Paul Gaultier SA has opted for our iExtranet solution to simplify and secure its document sharing,” said Edouard de Rémur, Sales Director Medium & Large Enterprise Business Unit at Oodrive.

About the Jean-Paul Gaultier group

Founded in 1982 by Jean-Paul Gaultier and Francis Menuge, Jean-Paul Gaultier SA brings together all the trades of the famous designer, namely fashion, fragrance and beauty. Its ready-to-wear and accessories lines are sold in over 50 countries through a franchise network and multi-brand retailers. The first fragrance was launched in 1993 and the Haute Couture business started in 1997. Jean-Paul Gaultier’s creations are highly appreciated by celebrities and influential people in the luxury and fashion industries and displayed at all major global fashion shows. The company generated a 23 million euro turnover in 2011.