Digital trust solutions in the service of businesses

Security of exchanges: Oodrive’s digital trust solutions ensure the confidentiality, traceability, integrity and non-repudiation of electronic exchanges. They were built by closely linking the legal and technical aspects.

They thus give probative value to documents, such as the electronic signature, which has the same legal value as handwritten signatures according to French law. Moreover, they make it possible to secure sensitive operations as well as ensure the identity of the interlocutors using the electronic certificate, a veritable digital identity card.

Certified reliability: The development of trust solutions is ensured by CertEurope, a company of the Oodrive Group. As a Certified Trusted Third Party, CertEurope guarantees compliance with the technical and regulatory requirements developed by the French Network and Information Security Agency (Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information (ANSSI)).

As an actor involved in a number of working groups, CertEurope also participates in the discussions concerning the standards that frame paperless procedures.

Interoperability: Designed as veritable “confidence bricks”, the CertEurope solutions easily integrate with your web sites and platforms, both technically and graphically. They can thus be deployed very quickly.

Premium support: You benefit from personalised follow-up at every step of your project. With their expertise, the Oodrive Group’s professionals assist you in deploying the solutions by writing specifications, providing change management, training, and legal advice. Our support staff is on hand to answer your technical and administrative issues at any time.

Digital trust solutions in the service of businesses

Digital certificates

CertEurope offers a complete and scalable service for the management and distribution of electronic certificates for individuals or entities. It allows you to choose the level of security of the certificates and determine their use. You can also decide to outsource or manage the different roles related to their issuance in-house.

Electronic signature

CertEurope proposes a set of electronic signature modules deployed in SaaS mode that are legally binding. Easily integrated into your websites and platforms, they meet the needs of each market and adapt to each type of transaction.

Trusted timestamping

As a Time Stamping Authority, CertEurope allows you to date your electronic files to the second, to prove their existence as of a specific time and guarantee their integrity through time-stamping tokens.

Why choose Oodrive?

Personalised service

  • Project support
  • Deployment assistance
  • Expert technical support
  • Legal advice

Certified solutions

  • Trusted Third Party
  • Annual audit by certifying agency LSTI
  • Qualified provider of Certification Services
  • Compliance with the French General Security Frame of Reference (RGS)


  • Complete line of services
  • Integration with your applications
  • Local R&D
  • Graphic and technical personalisation

Digital trust specialist

  • 15 years of expertise
  • More than one million certificates issued
  • Actor engaged in several working groups
  • Technology partnerships

Our clients

Customer Case Studies and Use Cases

Primagaz extends electronic signature’s availability for its contracts
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The gas and energy solutions expert for individuals and businesses offers its customers the opportunity to sign their contracts electronically. Save time, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction all at the same time.

Primagaz, a key player in energy, is a subsidiary of the Dutch group SHV Gas (Liquefied Petroleum Gas). The company provides storage, packaging and distribution of butane and propane. For more than 150 years, Primagaz has provided 27,000 French municipalities that were disconnected to the natural gas networks with the comfort of natural energy.

With more than 750 employees and a turnover close to 500 million euros, the group has reinforced its digitisation strategy by adding electronic signature services.

Since July 2014, Primagaz has afforded its customers, both individuals and professionals, the opportunity to sign their subscription contracts electronically. This new service puts an end to the tedious process of managing subscriber contracts, and is part of the Primagaz digital development plan to reduce and remove paper copies of contracts.

Electronic signature: rapid deployment, without constraints

After carefully evaluating the different solutions on the market in late 2013, Primagaz naturally chose CertEurope’s CertSign 1 click online signature solution. Oodrive Group acquired CertEurope in 2012.

“To successfully implement our digital transition, we had to be driven by a trustworthy and responsive partner with a good understanding of our needs, perfect product execution, and excellent business relations. Oodrive met all our criteria” commented Alexis Bédeneau, Head of Information Systems at Primagaz.

The electronic signature was swiftly integrated into the system. When the collaboration started in January 2014, Primagaz and Oodrive launched the pilot phase in May before announcing the official kick-off in June. Primagaz customers can now sign their contracts online. With a dedicated link sent by email, all they need to do is log in and validate the procedure. Once the contract is signed, it is stored on a secure server and sent to the customer by e-mail. You no longer need to print the contract.

Reduce the time needed to sign a contract…

The electronic signature offers many benefits. It saves time and space, reduces processing costs, increases conversion rates and provides a rapid ROI.

“When our customers subscribed to our paper offers, the time needed for processing the contract, including sending the signed contract back, was roughly 15 days. With the online signature, we now have turnaround that varies from one week to 48 hours,” said Richard Montaudon, Client Relationship Applications Manager.

Needless to say that introducing the electronic signature at Primagaz has automated the “customer reminder” step previously required to obtain the signature of a contract. The contract is sent by e-mail to the customer and an automatic reminder message will be sent if it is not signed within a specific timeframe. This enables employees at Primagaz to know the exact status of the file, which reflects a dynamic and modern company and brand image.

…and increase the number of signed contracts.

Just six months after starting the project, Primagaz announced that 40-50% of its contracts had been signed electronically.

“Our customers are mainly located in rural areas where the population is not always technology-friendly. Yet, thanks to the intuitive nature of Oodrive’s electronic signature, our customers have rapidly and fully adopted this new procedure,” stated Alexis Bédeneau and Richard Montaudon.

The project’s success is based on one fundamental element — business and IT worked together, hand in hand, to make sure end customers get the best service, authenticating the date of consent of the signed document and above all, flawless simplicity.

Primagaz is fully satisfied with this new service, and does not intend to stop there.

Alexis Bédeneau summed it up when he declared that “We are planning to go beyond using the electronic signature for the contract document only; we want to expand it to the different stages of the customer’s experience.”