Integrate digital trust into your exchanges

Secure your online exchanges: Digital trust solutions are provided by CertEurope, a company of the Oodrive Group. As a Trusted Third Party, CertEurope is authorised to ensure the security and confidentiality of your electronic exchanges in compliance with the French and European regulatory frameworks.

Give legal value to your procedures: Oodrive digital trust solutions can give online procedures the same legal value as procedures involving paper documents. As such, you can prove your identity on the Internet using a digital certificate, sign contracts or sensitive documents online using the electronic signature or date a document and demonstrate that it has not been changed later with the timestamp.

Increase productivity: Using digital trust solutions, you simplify your administrative and commercial procedures. You limit the use of paper and thus reduce the time and cost of processing your files (postage, postal delays, internal communications, etc.). Furthermore, these measures help you streamline your business processes. For example, by allowing your customers to sign a contract online in a few clicks, you not only save responsiveness but you also follow them throughout the sales process. This will weave a relationship of trust from the first contact and convey the image of an accessible and innovative company.

Support and deployment: These solutions can be implemented in a very short time and getting started is easy. You also get the support of a dedicated technical team.

Integrate digital trust into your exchanges

Digital certificate

CertEurope is authorised to issue electronic certificates. The online equivalent of an identity document of a natural or a legal person, the certificate offers a stronger authentication than a simple login/password.

Digital signature

The CertEurope electronic signature module comes in the form of a single button on your website. It allows your customers and prospects to easily sign contracts online, giving them the same legal value as a handwritten signature.


The CertEurope timestamp solution can precisely date electronic documents. With a time stamp, you can prove that the document has not been altered afterwards and protect yourself from any dispute.

Why choose Oodrive?

Service and Simplicity

  • Project support
  • Quick and easy deployment
  • Expert technical support
  • Legal advice

Certified solutions

  • Trusted Third Party
  • Annual audit by certifying agency LSTI
  • Qualified provider of Certification Services
  • Compliance with the French General Security Frame of Reference (RGS)


  • Complete line of services
  • Integration with your applications
  • Local R&D
  • Graphic and technical personalisation

Digital trust specialist

  • 15 years of expertise
  • More than one million certificates issued
  • Actor engaged in several working groups
  • Technology partnerships

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