Energy & Water

Energy & Water

Data is at the heart of Energy and Water management stakeholder strategies

The sector has evolved more in the last ten years than in the space of a century, with transformation driven by the energy transition and the digital revolution.
These go hand in hand with an exponential increase in data, accessibility to a multitude of players and an increase in cyber attacks. The impact of the latter on the sector — including nuclear — can be disastrous, especially for vital operators.
More than ever, the security of their infrastructure and sensitive data is a crucial issue.

380 %

Industrial system vulnerabilities, particularly in the energy sector, have increased by more than 380% year on year.


security breaches per year are suffered by a company, almost doubling in 5 years. One of the most affected sectors: energy.

243 billion $

to $1 trillion represents the cost of a blackout caused by a cyber attack.

Solutions for every sensitive data management need

Exchange and collaborate in complete security

Your organisation relies daily on exchange and collaboration with its ecosystem.
It must be able to easily exchange sensitive data key for coordination and productivity purposes, while at the same time securing the use and transfer of this data. Benefit from the highest level of security recognised in France thanks to our SecNumCloud solutions.

Our Solutions

Send and sign your documents easily.

Save time and increase productivity by providing your users and customers with fully digital processes. Free yourself from certain administrative tasks and reduce your operating costs. Work for your company's good reputation, in full compliance with the eIDAS regulation.

Our Solutions

Guarantee your company's activity in the event of an IT incident

Protect your infrastructure and data against the various threats that can affect the operation of your production. You anticipate these threats thanks to our alert and reporting system. And you benefit from the assistance of the Oodrive teams to restore your data and restart your activity more quickly.

Our Solutions

In oodrive, we have found a trusted partner and a highly intuitive solution that meets our security requirements. Early users have given PostFiles a more than positive reception. It has been so successful that we are planning to offer new Oodrive solutions to all the agency's departments right up to the management teams!

- Patrick Bellot, Information Systems Manager, Agence de l'Eau Seine-Normandie

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SecNumCloud-certified solutions that meet ANSSI

Oodrive, a trusted partner for the management of sensitive data, protects your data with the most advanced technologies and the most stringent certifications. Your data is hosted in Europe under European legislation, which has the highest standards of protection for company data.

Rich in features

Oodrive solutions have a multitude of features covering all needs associated with sensitive data management. Built on the concept of "Security by Design", our solutions provide confidentiality, authentication, integrity and traceability (encryption, OTP, remote wipe, etc.).

Build security into your electronic signatures

With electronic signing, you save time on low-value-added tasks, while reducing your processing costs.
All of your approval processes are secure and your data exchanges remain confidential to protect you from the risks associated with cybercrime.
Eliminate paper and bring your files together on a single platform, while making sure you comply with the requirements of the eIDAS regulation and French and European standards.

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