Actuaris and Oodrive partner up to focus on digitally transforming the insurance sector

Press release 10.27.2020 2min Last update : 11.01.2020

The companies have pooled their core business expertise to renew the digital experience during the Board of Directors’ meetings in the insurance and finance sectors.

ACTUARIS, an exemplary insurance and finance actuarial consulting firm, has chosen Oodrive, the trusted partner in sensitive data management, and Oodrive’s BoardNox technology to strengthen their consulting activity and support insurance actors as they transition to paperless processes.

Pooled expertise to support a rapidly changing sector

In insurance and in other areas of finance, regulatory requirements for Board of Director members have been strengthened and are subject of growing attention. At the same time, directors are called upon to analyze and make decisions on an increasing number of dense and technical reports. In doing so, providing governing bodies with the means to successfully complete their missions has become a priority.

Against this background, Oodrive and ACTUARIS offer a unique application suite, which reinforces data governance, collaboration and security.

Commenting on this, Pierre Arnal, ACTUARIS’ CEO said: “We have developed the first solution that transforms the user experience for Board of Director members. They can fully harness digital opportunities to better manage governance and ensure total confidentiality of their sensitive data. The Oodrive building block optimizes meetings’ organization and management within a high-security context.”

 A platform specifically geared towards the insurance sector

Experts in providing consulting support for governing bodies, ACTUARIS has designed SmartBoard, a complete digital solution that provides insurance directors and organizations with key tools to optimize their missions.

The solution enables secure access to key enterprise data, to understand it through data visualization, to monitor projects by visualizing yearly deadlines and to consult documents and daily agendas, at all times. The BoardNox module for secure data sharing and arranging governance meetings can be directly accessed via SmartBoard.

The ACTUARIS-Oodrive partnership embodies the synergies between our solutions designed for a highly-regulated but digitally pioneering sector. The BoardNox module, integrated in SmartBoard, provides new organizational and collaborative functionalities and a secure and user-friendly interface. Combining both ACTUARIS’ and Oodrive’s technologies represents a major breakthrough for the insurance sector”, said Edouard de Rémur, Oodrive’s Founder and General Manager.