Eurécia and Oodrive partner up, to ensure the probative value of paperless expense reports

Press release 10.27.2020 1min Last update : 11.01.2020

In a world transitioning to digital, how can we ensure the probative value and authenticity of companies’ digitized and stored accounting documents?

The editor, Eurécia, which offers a range of solutions to help micro-businesses and SMEs in their digital transformation, now offers paperless receipt editing with probative value for employee expense reports. This new function has been developed in partnership with Oodrive, a specialist in cloud solutions for file sharing, backups and electronic signatures.


The functionality made available on the Eurécia HR administration and talent management platform lets companies digitize employees’ receipts quickly and securely, converting them into digitally signed and time-stamped PDFs. Such receipts are recognized as having the same legal value as the original copies.
Employees simply photograph their receipts on their smartphone and send in their expense reports. Expenses reporting is thus made more efficient for the employees who then get reimbursed at a faster rate.


For the company, all the employees’ paperless receipts maintain their probative value and are now centralized on a single platform, rendering hardcopy receipts unnecessary. Internal audits are thus simplified. Documents can be viewed directly and exported where necessary, e.g., for URSSAF inspections.

Drawing on the expertise of CertEurope, France’s leading certification authority, Eurécia boosts companies’ productivity while ensuring the probative value of their receipts through compliance with the current regulations (application of Article A 102 B-2 of the French Tax Procedure Code and the eIDAS Regulation). With digital storage, time-stamping, electronic signature, RGS** server stamped document authenticity and integrity certification, and storage on ISO 27001 certified, Tier III-compliant servers, Eurécia has set up a digitization process that complies with the current legislation.

The company will continue to provide its clients and users with new functionalities based on the best technologies on the market.