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The Fnac Darty Group puts its trust in Oodrive for the creation of its Brand Center

News 10.28.2020 3min Last update : 11.01.2020

Paris, September 30, 2019 — Fnac Darty, one of Europe’s leaders in cultural, leisure, technical, and home goods, has selected the Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution from Oodrive, a European leader in sensitive data management, to create a platform which can be accessed by both its employees as well as its external providers. This solution brings together all the tools and supports necessary for sales, communication, and marketing for both brands in one place. Over time, it will encourage best practices and the standardization of the Group’s statements.

Two entities sharing one Brand Content tool

In 2019, both Fnac and Darty, which merged in 2016, have decided to choose a shared tool for managing digital files and leave behind their former, outdated tools that were unintuitive and difficult to manage.

With this in mind, the Group’s Marketing Department wanted a true Brand Center shared by both brands that would unite all marketing and communication resources on a single DAM platform. Because of this, they needed a digital solution that could be accessed anywhere and would collect and safeguard all data, regardless of its format.

Access management, personalization, and functionality: a winning combination

Recommendations from the Marketing Department and referrals from existing clients led the Group to choose Oodrive, a European leader in sensitive data protection. The determining factor, however, was the possibility for Fnac Darty to personalize the tool with its own colors and gain direct access to the resource for its internal collaborators (without any user ID or passwords) using SSO technology.

“It’s time-consuming to manage access requests. Furthermore, it forces our collaborators to remember yet another password and user ID. Thanks to SSO, they can access Brand Center resources directly once they are connected to their normal Windows session. Moreover, it doesn’t prevent us from providing controlled access via user ID and password to our external agencies and providers,” stresses Christophe Connin, Fnac Darty’s Brand Content Manager.

Another advantage of Oodrive’s DAM solution: the configurable search function, which helps users sort and organize their content (search via keyword, by format, etc.). Content is available for download by users depending on their profile, but can also be shared easily and quickly.

A co-construction approach

Oodrive designed a tailor-made DAM solution for the group. To do this, they held 5 workshops in early 2019 with operational marketing staff, marketing directors, and local store leadership in order to define the needs of each group in terms of managing digital documents.

In particular, these meetings allowed Oodrive to clarify details regarding the management of access rights according to users’ profiles. Oodrive made an initial version of the platform available in late March and the first training sessions took place in April, continuing into May.

“The most important thing was to train those who would be in charge of integrating the content into the platform. For those who will be using it, no training is necessary. The tool is simple and very intuitive. If you know how to use the internet, then you can navigate the Brand Center,” explains Christophe Connin.

Harmonizing content at the Group level

With Oodrive’s DAM platform, the Fnac Darty group expects to improve the sharing of best practices regarding graphic design and guidelines, as well as access to image banks and other brand content, in particular. Their hope is that the Group’s collaborators and external providers will all be able to easily access the right content.

For their stores, this tool will be particularly useful for quickly and easily downloading different types of communication supports to be displayed, which change on a daily or near-daily basis.

The Group is already planning to expand their use of the platform to include other documentary resources.

“Initially, it was only about accessing brand elements, but now we are also going to integrate documents related to customer service and ticketing. We are also considering the possibility of developing the platform’s content and use over the coming months,” said Christophe Connin.

About Fnac Darty

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