Omnikles and Infopro Digital join forces to simplify the publication of tenders

News 10.27.2020 2min Last update : 11.01.2020

Paris, April 25th 2019 – Omnikles, an Oodrive group company specialized in paperless solutions for public and private procurement, today announces its partnership with Infopro Digital, the leading group for B2B information in France. This collaboration makes it easier for public procurement actors to publish and monitor contract notices. Two platforms, SafeTender (Omnikles) and Marchés Online (Infopro Digital), provide an ergonomic and seamless experience.

A complementary and strategic partnership

Infopro Digital, a group specialized in B2B information and services (La Gazette des communes, Le Moniteur, L’Usine Nouvelle et L’Usine Digitale, L’Argus de l’assurance), offers services for public and private procurement officers to manage and distribute tenders, ensuring greater media visibility and optimized market competitiveness.

End-2018, Omnikles launched SafeTender, the first public and private procurement portal. Users can easily publish consultations, access a supplier database of over 150,000 companies, receive responses online and chat with businesses. The platform also ensures compliance with public procurement ethical principles, for instance by stipulating the duration of tender response periods.

To provide a greater number of platform services and ensure optimal client experience, Omnikles decided to partner up with a robust market player, Infopro Digital, to delegate the publishing of contract notices on official sources (BOAMP, JOUE and JAL). After a successful first partnership in 2013, Infopro Digital and Omnikles are leveraging their respective expertise to launch a unique and complementary offer for the public procurement tenders segment. The comprehensive content and updated forms on the Marchés Online platform are key assets in a win-win partnership.

“The Infopro Digital and Omnikles partnership ensures improved performance of procurement processes, keeps unsuccessful consultations to a minimum and expands competition. Not only will they save time, our respective clients have access to specialized media and official listings for high distribution”, commented Fabienne Riou, Infopro Digital Markets Department Manager.

A paperless and secure client journey

The connector between the SafeTender and Marchés Online platforms ensures paperless procurement processes in an ergonomic environment with a large number of modules and features. Client experience is fully secure. A large number of services grant procurement officials support for their daily procurement tasks: user guides and tutorials, caller assistance, monitoring the number of views for each notice and supplier information. Comprehensive databases with over 1.4 million contract notices (Datalab Marchés) and tens of thousands of suppliers ensure better preparation and management of consultations.

The two-partner solution ensures confidentiality and optimal data protection: security – the main priority -, as well as encryption features, time stamps, traceability and hosting in France.

“We are continuously striving to improve the quality of our tenders platform to provide the economic leverage that users expect. Our goal is to offer our clients an easy-to-use and highly secure solution along with new features. Thanks to our collaboration with Infopro Digital, our services are ever more efficient. We are continuing to work together on other new innovative projects to deliver the highest quality services to the users of our two platforms,” commented Jérôme Lefevre, Omnikles Business Unit Manager at Oodrive.