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Oodrive announces the acquisition of LegalBox, strengthening its standing in the electronic signature market

News 10.27.2020 2min Last update : 11.01.2020

Thanks to LegalBox’s technological, regulatory, and compliance expertise, Oodrive is actively positioning itself in the rapidly-expanding electronic signature market. The Group strives to become a major player in the sector, guiding the transformation of organizations’ document approval systems and digitization processes.

Paris, May 14, 2019 – Oodrive, the European leader in sensitive data management, acquired LegalBox, the French specialist in workflow automation solutions and electronic signature books. This acquisition comes after a long-standing technological partnership for responding to e-signature tenders, for which LegalBox and Oodrive have proposed their complementary areas of expertise.

Collaboration that favors clients

LegalBox, which specializes in electronic documents with probative value, assists companies in their digitization projects for incoming, internal, and outgoing document workflow.

Oodrive, through its subsidiary, CertEurope, is introducing electronic identification and digital trust services in compliance with the technical requirements put forth by the The National Cybersecurity Agency of France (ANSSI), the RGS (RGS certification operator***), and the European eIDAS regulation.

LegalBox’s solution brings a functional component for workflow management to Oodrive’s digital trust, from validation to the electronic signature of documents, ensuring the probative value of each action.

“We are thrilled with the acquisition of LegalBox, which aligns with the Oodrive group’s external growth strategy. This acquisition will allow us to position ourselves at the same level as key players in the electronic signature and digital trust strategic market. With this integration, Oodrive’s electronic signature solution, CertSign, reaffirms its position as the best alternative to American solutions,” explains Cédric Mermilliod, Cofounder & Managing Director of Oodrive Group.

A catalyst acquisition for development and innovation

Acclaimed by both public and private players, the electronic signature book is a growth driver for Oodrive. Its integration with e-signatures will allow Oodrive to position itself at the level of key players in this strategic market and respond to 100% of requests in France and abroad.

To guarantee this technology’s power and sustainability, a LegalBox team has already joined Oodrive’s technical management team. Their in-depth skills in technology, compliance, and in the regulatory demands of this market have enabled Oodrive to offer its clients a robust solution for electronic signature books in order to manage their signature workflows.

“This integration is very positive. Our clients will benefit from specialized expertise and highly secure solutions for managing their sensitive data. This integration will also equip us with the latest innovations in the field so that we can provide more extensive product offers that are more comprehensive and comply with market expectations that are constantly changing,” reports David Keller, former CTO of LegalBox.

About LegalBox

Founded in 2007, LegalBox provides a solution for dealing with digitized documents and sending registered and certified mail.

LegalBox offers solutions that guarantee optimized digitized document workflow management. It also offers a certified and electronic registered delivery service.