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Oodrive and Objectif Lune partner up to offer a 100% paperless client experience

News 10.27.2020 2min Last update : 11.01.2020

The innovation leaders combine their core business expertise for a renewed client experience that integrates electronic signatures, particularly for fiscal paperless solutions.

Paris, November 6th, 2018 – The European leader in sensitive data management, the Oodrive Group is successfully pursuing its goal for growth and is strengthening its position as market leader by establishing a new strategic partnership with the international enterprise, Objectif Lune. The enterprise is a leading player for composition solutions, management automation processes, multichannel output and data capture.

Digital transformation through joint expertise

To meet enterprises’ digital transformation challenges, and increasingly strict regulations, Objectif Lune needed to join forces with a trusted partner. Oodrive was an easy choice for the mission. The Group’s solid expertise in digital trust and its endorsement by the leading certification authority, CertEurope, made Oodrive an ideal partner.

Due to CertEurope’s digital trust services, which comply with the General Security Repository (RGS) and the eIDAS European regulations, Objectif Lune’s clients can benefit from 100% paperless signature processes, particularly for invoice flow. It helps them increase operational efficiency while providing an appropriate level of legal recognition.

By adding Oodrive’s digital trust building block to our PlanetPress Connect solution, we’ve developed an innovative offering that optimizes client experience throughout the enterprise. Our goal is to reach one million electronic signatures by 2019”, commented Benjamin Waechter, Objectif Lune Professional Services Vice-President.

An offering to ensure documents’ legal value

Objectif Lune will offer its clients the Oodrive solution as an option — activated upon request — within the PlanetPress Connect application. Clients can send business documents and ensure their legal value by relying on electronic signatures. The majority of projects that Objectif Lune handles (at least 80%) will concern fiscal paperless solutions, which requires qualified RGS 2 or 3 stars-compliant signatures to guarantee origin authenticity and the integrity of invoice content.

By choosing to partner up with Oodrive, Objectif Lune upholds its two objectives:

  • Provide its clients with an entirely paperless platform that integrates electronic signatures;
  • Offer the service both on the website’s host partner platforms and on end-client websites.

“We’re delighted to have established a partnership between Objectif Lune and Oodrive. It’s a testament to the synergies in our solutions for an extremely regulated sector. Integrated into Objectif Lune’s PlanetPress Connect application, the CertSign offering provides new, essential functionalities for enterprises’ digitization projects”, commented Sylvain Lefeuvre, Partner Sales Manager.

About Objectif Lune

Objectif Lune is the world’s largest, independent creator of software. Specializing in the automation of business processes, related to the production and distribution of management documents (invoices, pay slips, delivery slips, intervention cards, contracts, etc.) and of field data capture.

The OL Connect technology, integrates non-intrusively into the customers existing system environment. Providing customers with a solution to capture, extract, filter and enrich data, produced by the organisations system or documents. Using this data, Objectif Lune technology, enables the composition or reformatting of documents (in paginated format, email or Web) as well as the design of electronic forms for mobile devices. Finally, OL Connect enables the automation of business processes, from data capture to omni-channel distribution (print, email, Web, SMS) to indexing and archiving in GED systems.

Objectif Lune’s solutions produce personalised communications – in digital and print, batch or interactive; to create a better customer experience, a key driver of business growth in the digital consumer era. OL Connect technology enables customers to seamlessly digitise and automate their paper-based processes.

To find out more: http://www.olconnect.com