SSL Europa portfolio joins the Oodrive Group

Press release 10.27.2020 2min Last update : 11.01.2020

1 August 2017

Through its subsidiary CertEurope, Oodrive – the trusted partner for sensitive data management – acquires the digital certificates portfolio of SSL Europa, the security specialist of dematerialized environments. This operation will create strong synergies between CertEurope and SSL Europa in order to offer their customers new proven Digital Trust solutions.

We’re delighted by this operation. SSL Europa’s portfolio integration will allow Oodrive to improve its portfolio with new encryption and Digital Signatures offers internationally. We’re also pleased to strengthen our relationship with several of our common customers such like M6, the French Ministry of Defence, EADS, MAIF, RATP and IGN.” declares Stanislas de Rémur, CEO of the Oodrive Group.

Founded in 2010 by Jean-Marie Giraudon, SSL Europa has a wide organization and a global offer guarantying the safety of electronic exchanges around the world.

Through its R&D activities, SSL Europa provides up-market scalable solutions, built to strengthen the safety of digital practices and offer protection against cybercrime.


Certificate Life Manager (CLM) is the first result of their innovation program. CLM allows middle to large organizations to map all the certificates in their IT infrastructure and to manage the lifecycle of their SSL certificates base, regardless of their origin.

I’m thrilled that both our international and french customers can, from now on, enter in a trusted relationship with the Oodrive Group. They will benefit from a wider range of solutions as well as a local and personalized support, which is one of Oodrive’s strength.” explains Jean-Marie Giraudon, Founder of SSL Europa.

About SSL Europa

Founded in 2010 by Jean-Marie Giraudon, SSL Europa makes the web a universe of trust.

SSL Europa offers SSL solutions (Secure Sockets Layer), for electronic document signatures, dematerialised exchanges traceability and convergence solutions ensuring strong authentication around the customer.

SSL Europa, in its capacity as an innovation company also develops complementary technology to secure exchanges in the digital economy.

SSL Europa accompanies its customers on 5 continents and relies on a strong network of channel partners, providing support to more than 10.000 companies of varying sizes.

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