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Oodrive is supporting enterprises that need to reorganize urgently

News 10.27.2020 1min Last update : 11.01.2020

Paris, March 18th, 2020 – In light of the various COVID-19-related government protocol, and following an appeal from Cédric O, the Minister of State for the Digital Sector, Oodrive is committed to ensuring business continuity for enterprises in the most secure conditions possible.

Sensitive data protection and remote work

Remote work is a must among the measures adopted by the French government to address the current health crisis. More than ever, sensitive data protection and productivity are your guiding principles when it comes to your working environment.

To rise to the challenge and in a spirit of solidarity, Oodrive is offering all companies a 3-month free subscription to its electronic signature platform upon request. Oodrive’s offer is non-binding and it includes access to a pack of 100 signatures.

Stéphane Ankaoua, Oodrive’s Chief Operating Officer, commented: “In a context of widespread remote work and an certain period for the economy and society, we want to help businesses to maintain service continuity. We hope to make remote work easier by making our electronic signature platform freely accessible for three months.”

Increase productivity with our unique signature platform

Oodrive’s solution not only complies with the eIDAS EU regulation and French standards, but it also lets enterprises send and sign all their legally valid documents in just a few clicks. This subscription provides enterprises with faster and more agile methods by offering their clients and users fully digitalized experiences. As a result, remote communication, which is currently a necessity, is made easier.

By cutting back on paper and manual operations, you’ll cut your costs and turnaround time as well as increasing your conversion rates.