Ensure the security of your sensitive health data.

The major challenge with health data

Any data used for medical purposes, regardless of its nature or source, is by definition health data. Health data is considered as 'sensitive' according to current legislation. In a world under constant threat, health care institutions increasingly need to concern themselves with security issues. Now, more than ever, the security of sensitive medical data is a crucial issue.


healthcare facilities reported at least one security incident in 2019.


healthcare institutions per day were victims of cyberattacks in France


million pieces of health data are available for sale on the Dark Web.

With oodrive, you can guarantee the integrity of your sensitive health data

Secure the sharing of your health data

Share and exchange all your health data. The access and action rights of your work platform are assigned by user and file and allow a high level of calibration in order to safeguard your HDS (Health Data Hosting) environment.

Our Solutions

Backup your sensitive documents on HDS-approved servers

Accessible from a very secure space, your data is backed up and hosted on HDS-approved servers in France. You can thus safeguard your data from cyberattacks such as ransomwares with a solution that complies with Ministry of Health requirements.

Our Solutions

Protect and certify your medical documents

Eliminate paper documents, optimise costs and data confidentiality, and increase mobility and flexibility: facilitate your patient-care processes and dematerialise your paper documents with a secure 100% digital solution with the same probative value.

Our Solutions

We used the oodrive_sign solution to collect consents from MyPeBS project participants. We've been able to completely dematerialise the recruitment process, while complying with GDPR regulations.

- Christophe Guyonnet, Responsable de projets SI - Unicancer

Answers adapted to your sector of activity

Turnkey solutions

Clinics, hospitals, laboratories, biotechs, research centres and other health organisations generate many sensitive documents on a daily basis. With Oodrive, you can access and share your data easily in a secure environment, and your business is more streamlined.

HDS Approved Accommodation

In an HDS environment, we guarantee high availability of sensitive data, data replication to at least one remote site and very secure hosting centres. Your health data is accessible at all times.

Qualified SecNumCloud by ANSSI

Oodrive, a trusted partner for the management of sensitive data, protects your data with the most advanced technologies and the most demanding certifications. Your data is hosted in France under European legislation, which has the highest standards of protection for company data.

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