Why become a partner?

Our business is the ideal partner for your business! 
Oodrive is at the crossroad of 3 major trends: security / confidentiality, mobile collaboration, and cloud. Join us on these recognized fast-growing markets. 
High performance is the result of trust, not only in our products but also in our partnership. Our Partner Program Accelerate gives you access to a wide range of solutions that you can package to meet your customers’ needs. We’ll support you all along the way, from sales, presales to marketing!

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A Partner Program tailor-made for me

Our Partner Program Accelerate has been designed and implemented to meet the challenges of different partners types: 

VAR (Value-Added Reseller): You resell our products along with your services, thus growing your offer and attracting new clients.

ISV (Independent Software Vendor): You embed Oodrive’s products into your own solution, safely accelerating your innovation cycles to meet the evolving needs of your clients.

SI (Systems Integrator): Your support clients as integration experts on high-impact projects, leveraging Oodrive’s broad product range to guarantee client business performance.

Consulting firm: You advise clients from the earliest stages of a project in choosing the most appropriate technology for their key transformation projects.


Financial conditions aligned with your resources

Our program adapts to your current capacities and interests

Be rewarded each step of the way.
An Oodrive product clearly meet your clients needs? 
Train a large sales team and get the higher discount. 
Another Oodrive product begins to echo prospects needs? 
Train a smaller sales team, test the market and benefit from an adjusted discount.
Seeing a promising project, but don’t have the time to take care of it yourself? 
Get a referral fee once the project is won by Oodrive’s team.

Experienced sales support

We speed sales cycle by sharing our know-how with your team

Partners team and our are one!
Start by online training. Continue with sales support from your dedicated channel manager. Dive into use case feasibility with our presales team. Get insight from our marketing experts. We are in this together!
Use our tools, documents, presentations, elevator pitch, videos, webinars, and more to facilitate your market penetration as well as your closing cycles.
Regular business pipeline reviews and assessments ensure business performance. 

Meaningful marketing support

Capitalize on our tools to reach out to your own targeted audience

Our relationship lies on sharing our expertise and experience. 
Proven tools at your disposition: co-branded brochures and emails to reach your targeted audience. Modern videos to galvanize your communications. And more!
First year marketing ignition budget: to ensure our partnership can reach its highest potential, let’s create a co-financed marketing action together. 
Marketing development fund: based on the revenue generated past year, a percentage will be allocated to your company to carry out demand generation actions. Moving forward, that’s what matters.

Our partners

Oodrive, the trusted partner for sensitive data management

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