Growth industry

Growth industry

Over 300 employees. 7 international offices. Average annual growth of more than 25%. Solutions designed entirely by our own teams. 40% of the headcount works in R&D. Oodrive, Pioneer of the Cloud in France, is a rapidly growing company that is constantly seeking new talents to support its growth. In an era of dematerialization and digital technology, our industry can look forward to great future.

There’s no place like Oodrive

To convince you to join the big Oodrive family, we have done things in a big way. Our premises in the heart of Paris offer you a pleasant working environment: a light and airy cafeteria (to eat lunch with your colleagues), a magnificent terrace, and a games room are there so that you can enjoy moments of relaxation and fun. As the icing on the cake, our superb, open-air boules court should help to dispel any lingering doubts! Totally unique in Paris!

Oodrivians work hard, but they also know how to relax. Staff, and middle and senior management are all regulars at our company seminars and the Afterworks, or “Happy Breaks”, organized by the teams all year round.

Our Values

Our values, our vision of the business.
These values have been chosen by all the employees as being the embodiment of the very essence of Oodrive.

A real team spirit

At Oodrive, the teams are on a human scale, and different nationalities and cultures co-exist and respect each other’s values. But, above all, the teams at Oodrive are passionate about what they do. We believe in their potential, and that a climate of trust and mutual support brings out new ideas and new projects.
We are also very attentive to the personal needs of each individual.

The Mission

To always move forward

At Oodrive, we strive for excellence. To get there, we have created an environment that is conducive to the fulfillment of each individual. We offer all our employees opportunities to learn and exchange:

  • R&Day conferences
  • Training
  • Think tanks
  • An annual Hackathon


Corporate Social Responsibility, an area that we take very seriously

The big societal and environmental issues play an important role in the daily lives of Oodrivians. Energy savings, diversity, use of recycled materials… Each individual contributes towards promoting best practice and spreading positive values.

Your induction

A made-to-measure induction program

Joining Oodrive means joining a team of over 300 people who are proud to belong to a real group.
Because every employee is entrusted with a mission that is decisive for the success of the Oodrive adventure, we offer you a customized induction program and initiation into the Oodrivian culture.
With training, support and mentoring, we do everything we can to make it quick and easy for you to take up your new role successfully!