Our jobs

Miguel S. - Devops
Miguel S.


The DevOps post can be seen as a transmission belt between the development teams that build applications and the IT teams that deploy and monitor these applications at production sites.…
Jonathan G. - Front-end Developer
Jonathan G.

Front-end Developer

I joined Oodrive in 2013 to help establish Front-end expertise. The first thing that made me want to come was the recruitment process. They showed me that they were objective…
Louis W. - Trainee Key Account Manager
Louis W.

Trainee Key Account Manager

A graduate of Sciences Po Bordeaux, I discovered Oodrive when I was looking for an internship in late 2014. I went to several interviews in different companies, including large groups…
Christian L. - Technical Project Manager
Christian L.

Technical Project Manager

As a technical project manager, my role is to ensure the smooth functioning of projects deployed around the CertEurope digital trust solutions. The mission involves working in pairs: I am…
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Word from our hrd

«  When you come to work at Oodrive, the aim is to provide you with a unique experience!

People of all kinds can prosper here. Whether you want to work as part of a team, get involved in complex projects or develop specific skills in the world of digital technology, we do everything we can to ensure that you enjoy being involved in the life of the group.

We have a reputation for the technical quality of what we do, and we are proud of our leadership and determined to stay in front. This means that we offer you innovative training and encourage exchanges between departments.

At Oodrive, the atmosphere is workmanlike and we act with due consideration, but we don’t forget to make time for real moments of relaxation with a range of internal events designed to be fun and encourage sharing.

Join us and develop your potential! »

Julia Lefebvre, Director of Human Resources

Our functions

Over 310 employees: to each his or her specialty

Technical: he heart of Oodrive. This is where our teams develop and improve our products
Marketing: a team that supports Oodrive’s goals for growth and expansion by building a strong brand and creating long term demand in the market
Human Resources: their mission? To help the company and employees grow, to support them and look after their wellbeing and fulfillment
Sales:  teams who work tirelessly to develop ever more innovative features and products to meet the needs in the market place
Innovation: des équipes qui n’ont de cesse de chercher des fonctionnalités et des produits toujours plus innovants et adaptés aux besoins du marché
Customer Care: their vocation is to listen to our clients and resolve their IT issues
PS&CS: the team that delivers all the group’s solutions to our client
Finance : making sure the accounts are balanced, and looking after the financial health of the company

Internal mobility

Internal career prospects

With over fifteen successful internal moves every year, Oodrive provides its employees with support for their career development, recognizes internal expertise, and encourages multidisciplinarity in its teams.
Our Next Step mobility program is designed to enhance the visibility of job opportunities within the group, and to offer internal career paths, supported by the HR team.
We attempt to fill as many positions as possible in-house, in order to bring out the talents of each individual. Regular appraisals with your manager, or HR managers, are the right times to let us know about your career ambitions.

Support & Career development

Because a happy employee is a real source of motivation for all the company,

Oodrive pay attention to the well-being of its teams and their wishes in terms of career development.
Throughout your adventure at Oodrive, you are surrounded by our teams. Regular check-ups with your manager and Human Resources will allow you to know everything you need about training, on-the-top opportunities, individual support or possible internal developments.