Eguan – Oodrive’s first Open Source Software is now available

5 October 2015

Press release – Paris, september 24th 2015 – Eguan is a block mode storage system designed for the cloud and developed as an Open Source tool by Oodrive under the Nu@ge Consortium, which objective is to define the structure of a green and decentralised French Open Cloud. It concentrates all of Oodrive’s expertise in digital sharing and aims to encourage users and developers to enrich Cloud technologies.

Contributing to the Open Source community.

As one of the many objectives of the Nu@ge Consortium, Open Source development illustrates this philosophy of defining a cloud that is inclusive and enriched by each user experience. Oodrive, like its consortium partners, has used its technological expertise to the benefit of High Availability by developing the storage module Eguan (an anagram of the French word “nuage”, which means “cloud”).

“It is only natural that Oodrive is now contributing to Open Source,” explains Stanislas de Rémur, CEO of the company. We were able to take advantage of the availability of free software for our own development; now, we want to share the fruit of our innovation and our technologies. ”

Enabling the development of individual solution.

Eguan is a block mode storage system that allows the use of High Availability virtual hard disks and ensures the continuity of data replication. The data is thus stored on multiple servers, ensuring the security and reliability of the solution. Eguan also makes it possible to optimise storage volume, and to increase the number of potential connections for a given server—for the Tax Department server during the filing period, for example..

Designed as a free software, Eguan enriches itself with users’ feedback, and allows developers to bring their own modifications and technology improvements. Eguan even allows companies to use on this “storage” block as a basis for developing their own solution, and create their own structure that perfectly corresponds to their needs.

The Eguan solution can be administered from a REST API or a web interface.

Eguan is integrated with OpenStack.

The main feature of the solution is it being an open source software whose source code is online and available on GitHub, a community platform for free software at the following address:, under an Apache license. Eguan is fully integrated with OpenStack, (one of the major Open Source Cloud infrastructure projects) for the creation of volumes, the association of a volume to a virtual machine, the creation of an image (snapshot), and modification of the size of a volume—all of these operations can be carried out using the OpenStack administration tools.

“We hope to integrate the OpenStack modification into the official sources, so that all OpenStack users can use Eguan,” explains Loïc Lambert, R&D Project Manager at Oodrive. Our goal is to enrich the Cloud and push technologies forward… We have no short-term business challenges. Oodrive will be publishing a number of other Open Source projects. This will definitely allow us to become better known in the Open Source and Open Stack communities, and perhaps even attract the type of developer who adheres to the Oodrive philosophy.


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