• Innovate
  • In a way that fits your brand
  • With cutting-edge technology
  • To deliver immediate ROI
  • Increase the loyalty
  • Thanks to a high-engagement service
  • With a high retention rate
  • By adding value to your services
  • Develop
  • New revenue streams
  • Recurring business model
  • Long-term product line

A cloud tailored for your brand, suited to your clients

Personal cloud services are bound to assume a growing importance in the daily lives of consumers. Once focused on digital entertainment (photos, music and movies), personal cloud solutions now gradually collect all of our digital assets. Our connected objects will soon stream confidential data into our personal clouds, from health monitoring to tracking our daily movements.

Large Internet companies have made the cloud accessible and popular to everyone through « freemium » personal cloud solutions offering low storage capacity.

In order to seize this growth opportunity and provide a secure personal cloud solution, retailers, service providers and digital players have called on Oodrive Personal Cloud.


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A cloud tailored for your brand, suited to your clients

A personal cloud platform that fits all needs

A personal cloud platform that fits all needs

A flexible distribution model. Distributed both as a subscription and as prepaid, the business model of Oodrive Personal Cloud adapts to your needs. It can be proposed as a stand-alone service or in addition to hardware equipment (PC, tablet, smartphone, camera, etc.). It can also be marketed as a bundle with your existing services (insurance, warranty extensions, and loyalty programs).

Our existing partners have successfully launched Oodrive Personal Cloud. Oodrive has already attracted a large number of retailers, service providers and digital players such as Auchan Group, Orange Group, Darty, Exaprint and Fnac.

A turnkey service

Oodrive supports you through all deployment stages from the development and management of your cloud platform to marketing support, legal advice and technical support. Since Oodrive focuses on its expertise, our partners only need to focus on the essential: the business relationship with their customers.

Marketing support

  • Construction of product positioning
  • Development of marketing tools
  • Training of sales teams and support
  • Sharing of digital best-practices

Full management of the cloud platform

  • Development and update of all multi-screen and web applications
  • Monitoring of the cloud platform 24/7
  • Interfacing with your information system and your business platforms
  • Technical support for your customers
A turnkey service

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