Oodrive Personal Cloud is now used by hundreds of thousands of clients.

Partners like Auchan Group, Darty, Exaprint, Fnac and Orange Group have selected Oodrive to seize new opportunities.

Choose the best-in-class solution for your customers

Digital innovation. Fully customized to the name of your company, Oodrive brings its top-notch cloud technology to your customers. The « sync & share » solution Oodrive Personal Cloud, offers a high-value service to your customers and allows them to access and share all files from computer, tablet or phone.

Increased customer loyalty. Personal cloud is becoming an everyday tool for consumers who love the ubiquity and efficiency of cloud applications on their smartphones and computers. As a white label technology, Oodrive Personal Cloud brings a great way to keep your customers engaged with your brand on a daily basis.

New recurring revenue. For our partners, the launch of a white label cloud offering brings new recurring revenue in a personal cloud market with strong growth. The technology and business model of Oodrive Personal Cloud will guarantee variable costs and an immediate ROI.

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Choose the best-in-class solution for your customers

Take advantage of a growing market

Take advantage of a growing market

An explosion of digital content. Consumers have more and more digital content to store and organize. Family photos, personal work documents and videos, all of which must be preserved.

Larger and larger files. As high-tech devices boom and become increasingly sophisticated, they generate very large files. « GoPro » holiday videos, and HD photos from our smartphones are simply too big and numerous to be properly managed in the internal memory of our devices.

Storing large and multiple files has become a major issue for your customers, one that needs to be addressed.

The cloud, a solution for these new needs. The personal cloud market is experiencing strong growth, thanks to the American players who democratized it through a « freemium » advertising model offering low storage capacity. Now users need secure solutions with higher storage capacity from European retailers, service providers and digital players.

Advanced technology designed for consumers

A white label cloud solution. Oodrive Personal Cloud offers your customers a complete and secure « sync & share » solution for storing, synchronising and sharing files online.

Online storage. With Oodrive Personal Cloud, customers can store all types of files (photos, videos, audio files and working documents) in a personal cloud that ensures the confidentiality of their data.

Synchronisation. Users can view and manage all of their files on all of their connected devices: PCs, Macs, tablets, smartphones and connected TVs (iOS and Android). A simple and easy way to access their digital content on any device, anywhere, any time.

Sharing. It is be possible to share files or folders, even the most voluminous, in just two clicks. By email or link, users create a personal sharing space and give access to a selection of files to people of their choice.

Advanced technology designed for consumers

Personal data remain personal

Personal data remain personal

Hosting in Europe. Oodrive is a French company and hosts the data of your customers in their respective countries. Therefore, Oodrive Personal Cloud escapes the laws that infringe on privacy, such as the Patriot Act that governs all American solutions.

Data ownership. Oodrive places data privacy at the core of its solutions. Hundreds of companies and hundreds of thousands of consumers rely on Oodrive to secure and protect their most sensitive data. Oodrive Personal Cloud guarantees its partners and users the ultimate security of their data. In accordance with our terms and conditions, they will not be transferred or sold to third parties for commercial purposes.

Data protected at all times. Oodrive Personal Cloud offers the best guarantees in terms of security. User data is encrypted during transfer as well as during storage (SSL and AES-256-bit) so that your personal data remains personal.


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