A complete range of solutions on a single platform

Oodrive’s platform vision is to federate all of its solutions within a modular platform, to facilitate deployment and administration, improve the user experience, and better protect the entire working environment.

Improved security and compliance

The Oodrive software platform is built around a concept of security by design and a central objective: security and confidentiality of data. Oodrive solutions built on this platform are certified; they help meet ever-changing compliance requirements that govern data management, applications and hosting.

More efficient users and administrators

By unifying the user experience, the Oodrive platform accelerates handling and increases the productivity of teams and projects. By pooling transversal services, such as user management and supervision, the Oodrive software platform simplifies the administration of solutions, increases the efficiency of IT teams and accelerates the deployment of new applications.

Faster innovation and better response to needs

Thanks to its software platform, Oodrive develops and deploys SaaS applications faster that respond to changes in the users’ business or their legal framework. And thanks to its modularity, Oodrive can meet the specific needs of its customers by activating the features they need, and building the right solution for their business and their environment.

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