Ensure compliance with the Market Abuse Regulations (MAR)

by managing insider lists that can be exported to the competent authority with a single click

Profit from the experience of several listed corporations

An Oodrive work group, which has been joined by representatives of several listed corporations, meets regularly in order to define the solution, its evolution and high-priority upcoming features.

Benefit from the expertise of a Trusted Third Party

Oodrive, an audited and qualified Trusted Third Party, has recognized expertise in the field of digital confidence.

Simplify communications with the Regulatory Authority

At the request of the competent authority (in France, the AMF), you can send your updated insider lists on the specified dates and times.

Manage your insider lists easily

With Insider Room, you can refocus on your core business and become more efficient. The information is centralized and easier to track

You will save time

… thanks to information centralized on a single platform. Sections, lists of permanent and occasional insiders, commitment letters, personal details of the insiders, it’s all in one place thanks to your dedicated space.

Eliminate the obstacles

Reduce or even eliminate the needless multiplication of the files and spreadsheets to process, e-mails and reminders to be sent, and letters you need to keep on file.

You will be more efficient

You will benefit from a quick and complete overview of the lists and the insiders that they comprise. The declarations of consent are easier to track for each insider and the reminder processes are automated.

Protect your sensitive data

Your data will be encrypted and hosted in France, access to the platform is controlled and all the user activities are logged.

Your data will be protected

Access, storage, modifications, all the user actions affecting the data are controlled by specific technologies and security parameters.

Traceability of user actions is ensured

Create an insider, accept a commitment letter, update personal details, add to a list, export… It’s easy to show when any actions were carried out thanks to the time-stamping function.

Your data will remain yours

Your data will be hosted in France , within the EU legal framework, the maximum protection of privacy for corporate data.

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