You can boost your company’s efficiency

by managing your media assets better and storing them in a single secure location

Boost efficiency

Store media in one central location using the same tool and demonstrate the value of your communication team’s work

Convey your identity effectively

Your sales and marketing teams have the right media, in the right format, available at the right time

Increase security

Keep an eye on how your media are used by managing access rights, all while your media are stored in secure data centers in France

You can use your media to offer added value

to your customers and partners by providing specialist tools

Showcase your brand identity

A front office customized for your company is created by Orphea’s teams to make your media available

Make it easier to access your media

Access your company’s media archive using your business applications, thanks to the Orphea API

Add value to your media

Reduce the legal risks by managing copyrights and generate invoices within the solution thanks to our royalties and invoicing module

You can reduce your time-to-market

by relying on the expertise of Orphea’s teams

Speed up the installation of your application

Trust our dedicated and specialist teams to process, index, and classify your resources

Take the pressure off your own teams

Let Orphea manage your media library and showcase media items in an email campaign or newsletter

Increase the adoption rate

Orphea’s support team will be there for you while the solution is being rolled out and for day-to-day queries about its use

Oodrive, the trusted partner for sensitive data management

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