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Management committee: how can you improve the security of your exchanges?

File sharing and online collaboration
The management committee is essential to the proper working of the company. Its members, often in widely-dispersed locations, get together periodically to discuss business strategies. The preparation and outcome of the meetings require total discretion, due to the sensitive nature…

Big Data: local hosting VS Cloud hosting

File sharing and online collaboration
The volume of data stored worldwide is increasing rapidly, by around 100% each year. All of this so-called "Big Data", requires large-scale management and storage space that traditional databases cannot provide. The logistics of information is undoubtedly one of the…

Data security at the heart of the data sharing challenge

File sharing and online collaboration
Do you need to share a video, photos, plans or a presentation and are unsure how to go about it? You think the file is too big to be sent by email? Sharing platforms solve this type of problem that…

10 reasons to use a collaborative working platform

File sharing and online collaboration
The workplace has changed a lot over recent decades, largely due to new technologies. Mobility has become an essential component of this new concept and the traditional model of the office now seems somewhat outdated. As such, collaborative working offers…

How to improve performance by working collaboratively

File sharing and online collaboration
Do you work in the communications or construction and civil engineering field, and need to share a large file such as a video or plans with your colleagues? Sending it by email is likely to take up too much time…

Prepare a paperless board meeting effectively

board room
Members who are far away and difficult to get in touch with, hefty folders that are more annoying than they are useful, confidential documents sent by email which can be lost or intercepted... Paperless boards of directors eliminate these risks…