Executive committees, boards of directors and supervisory boards

Today, solutions exist that can help throughout the life-cycle of these meetings. Ergonomic and intuitive, they facilitate upstream preparation by reducing email exchanges and the sending of paper documents. Furthermore, they also offer a secure way to exchage files and messages with no risk of them being intercepted by third parties, from writing the agenda to sharing the minutes of the meeting.
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Make your move to the electronic signature a successful one

Incorporating the electronic signature into your digital transformation allows you to add legal value to digital documents. You can then guarantee a 100% digital experience to your customers, partners, and users.
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Sharing online files securely

Online sharing and collaboration are two fundamental pillars of any high-performing business. Today, the ability to share information is essential to a company’s communications and productivity. Digital tools simplify and streamline communications within an organization and beyond. There is a wide choice of solutions available on the market.
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Personal Cloud solutions: How to take advantage of a booming market ?

Mobile devices are now an integral part of our day-to-day life. More than half of the world’s populaton use a smartphone, making it the most widely-used digital device in 2016. In the frst three months of 2017, global smartphone sales jumped by 9%.
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