Raising the bar in IT security

In this ebook, find out what are the new challenges related to digital identity and what are the technical solutions to face them. How do we prove that we are who we say we are online?
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What does SecNumCloud mean for cloud providers?

In this ebook, find out what certifications and other qualifications are used for in the digital world. What does SecNumCloud mean for cloud providers? What is the level of requirement imposed by the SecNumCloud qualification?
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How can we optimize the organization of meetings while guaranteeing maximum confidentiality ?

Today, solutions exist that can help throughout the life-cycle of these meetings. Ergonomic and intuitive, they facilitate upstream preparation by reducing email exchanges and the sending of paper documents. Furthermore, they also offer a secure way to exchage files and messages with no risk of them being intercepted by third parties, from writing the agenda to sharing the minutes of the meeting.
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Make your move to the electronic signature a successful one

Incorporating the electronic signature into your digital transformation allows you to add legal value to digital documents. You can then guarantee a 100% digital experience to your customers, partners, and users.
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Sharing online files securely

Online sharing and collaboration are two fundamental pillars of any high-performing business. Today, the ability to share information is essential to a company’s communications and productivity. Digital tools simplify and streamline communications within an organization and beyond. There is a wide choice of solutions available on the market.
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Personal Cloud solutions: How to take advantage of a booming market ?

Mobile devices are now an integral part of our day-to-day life. More than half of the world’s populaton use a smartphone, making it the most widely-used digital device in 2016. In the frst three months of 2017, global smartphone sales jumped by 9%.
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