Oodrive offers a range of business solutions for online file sharing for small and medium sized business clients as well as key accounts. They take into account the diversity of business needs and allow multi-device synchronisation for collaborative work as well as the exchange of large files. They combine security and ease of use and are particularly suited to the corporate world.

Meeting the needs of professionals

File-sharing: Distribute any type of document regardless of its size and format while preserving the confidentiality of your exchanges.

Online collaboration: Organise your documents in a secure area accessible to the internal and external contacts of your choice. Encourage collaborative work around a project without the constraints of time and space.

Synchronisation: Access your files from all of your devices (computers, tablets or smartphones). Work on documents that are updated even while on the move.

Data security: Your most sensitive data is protected at all times, including during transfers. You keep control of access to your documents and monitor the use that is made of it using traceability tools.

Meeting the needs of professionals

Adapted to the specificities of each business

Adapted to the specificities of each business

The variety of trades and industries cannot be summed up into a generic collaborative solution.

Therefore, Oodrive has developed platforms that are adapted to the requirements of each activity. Based on its true knowledge of the terrain, Oodrive offers tools that enable you to increase productivity and focus on your core business.

Top Management, Finance, Legal, Communication and Media, Construction and Architecture, Local authorities and administration are just some of the sectors and users for which Oodrive has developed dedicated solutions. They incorporate features that meet the specific needs of these businesses.

Why choose the Oodrive solutions?

Personalised service

  • Project support
  • Deployment assistance
  • Expert technical support
  • Multilingual solutions


  • Physical, application, mobile and processes levels
  • Certification
  • Local hosting
  • High level technical infrastructure


  • Simplicity
  • Feature-rich functionality
  • Local R&D
  • Mobile applications

Cloud specialist

  • 15 years of expertise
  • 15,000 customers
  • 70% of the largest French companies
  • 95% renewal rate