Solutions created for professionals

Access your data on all your devices

Oodrive Sync allows you to securely synchronise your business data and those of your employees on all devices (PC, tablet, mobile). It is possible to access your updated files at any time and share them wherever you are from any of your devices.

Send large files

PostFiles is a professional solution that allows the sending and receiving of all types of files and folders without limitations on size and format, while preserving a high level of security and confidentiality.

Work as a team

With iExtranet, collaborate internally and externally in a fully secure environment, organising your projects around your professional files and documents. All users can discuss the project and contribute without constraints or risks.

A solution for every profession

Construction & Architecture

AirBuild is a tool designed to assist professionals in the building sector throughout a construction process, from the study phase to the end of the project: sharing of plans, project-based organisation, on-site mobility, formulation and widthdrawal of reservations using a tablet application…

Communication & Agencies

MediaWaz adapts to the diversity of communication professions by responding to the specificities of every business, whether you are a communication agency, media agency or internal and external marketing department: Press Room, HD viewing, PDF proof validation, copyright management, etc.

Virtual data room

DilRoom handles the secure storing and controlled distribution of highly confidential documents (legal, financial, etc.): dashboards, Q&A, creation of a data room per operation (real estate transactions, mergers and acquisitions, asset sales and acquisitions, etc.).

Top management

BoardNox streamlines the organisation of meetings and ensures the confidentiality of sensitive and strategic documents exchanged during Executive Committees, Boards Meetings and Supervisory Board Meetings: decision-making by vote, secure messaging, briefcase, etc.

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