Solutions designed for businesses

Choice of infrastructure: You have three types of hosting – SaaS, Dedicated SaaS or On-Premises.

Interoperability: The Oodrive sharing solutions can easily fit in the corporate IT environment. They are compatible with various operating systems and adapt to existing configurations and protocols (SAML V2, Kerberos, etc.). Moreover, they can be interfaced with corporate directories (LDAP) and other business applications via APIs.

Security: Each solution incorporates three layers of security (securing the access and the transfer of files as well as the stored files themselves) to ensure the confidentiality of your exchanges and the protection of your data. This gives you the assurance that only authorised individuals can access it and you control its use at all times.

Internationalisation: The file transfer time is optimised by using Akamai technology that allows the acceleration of flows for improved performance. Each user can also choose the language of the platform and take advantage of its dynamic multilingualism (automatic sending of notifications in the contact’s language).

Respect of the brand identity: both the mobile and web interfaces are customisable with the colours of your company, your brand, your project or event. In order to seamlessly integrate the solution with your tools, you can opt for the URL of your choice.

Solutions designed for businesses

A solution for each work mode

As a team: shared workspaces

iExtranet is a collaborative solution that allows you to organise your documents and securely share them with your contacts, both internally and externally. The teams are thus able to develop exchanges around a project without the constraints of time and space.

For each individual user: file sharing and synchronisation

PostFiles makes it possible to synchronise and share files from any device, while maintaining the level of control required by the company’s security policy. With PostFiles, data privacy remains a key factor when it comes to exchanges.

A solution for every profession

Top management

BoardNox streamlines the organisation of meetings and ensures the confidentiality of sensitive and strategic documents exchanged during Executive Committees, Boards Meetings and Supervisory Board Meetings: decision-making by vote, secure messaging, briefcase, etc.

Virtual data room

DilRoom handles the secure storing and controlled distribution of highly confidential documents (legal, financial, etc.): dashboards, Q&A, creation of a data room per operation (real estate transactions, mergers and acquisitions, asset sales and acquisitions, etc.).

Communication & Agencies

MediaWaz adapts to the diversity of communication professions by responding to the specificities of every business, whether you are a communication agency, media agency or internal and external marketing department: Press Room, HD viewing, PDF proof validation, copyright management, etc.

Construction & Architecture

AirBuild is a tool designed to assist professionals in the building sector throughout a construction process, from the study phase to the end of the project: sharing of plans, project-based organisation, on-site mobility, formulation and widthdrawal of reservations using a tablet application…

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Personalised service

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  • Local hosting
  • High level technical infrastructure


  • Simplicity
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  • Local R&D
  • Mobile applications

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