Most companies fully measure the strategic importance of their digital data that are now a real cornerstone of their business. They need to protect them from computer damage, conserve them for a long time, confer a legal value to them, and have permanent access, regardless of where one is. Oodrive offers a wide range of solutions to meet these new needs: Sharing and Synchronisation, Backup and Digital Trust.

Solutions tailored to your needs

Sharing & Synchronisation: Oodrive offers ultra-secure solutions for sharing and synchronising all types of files regardless of their size and format. Access your data from anywhere and from all your devices while preserving their confidentiality. Increase productivity by simplifying exchanges and collaborative work with internal and external collaborators.

Backup & Archiving: The Oodrive backup solution allows you to protect yourself against the risk of loss, theft, hardware failure or incorrect operation. Completely automatic and customisable, it ensures the future-proofing of your data without causing extra work every day. You can easily restore your files, critical databases and configurations, allowing you to immediately resume your activity.

Digital Trust: Oodrive offers a range of solutions to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your exchanges: digital signature, digital certificates, time stamping and legal archiving. These tools ensure the security of the dematerialisation process as a whole and provide probative value to your electronic exchanges.

Solutions tailored to your needs

Why use the Cloud?

Why use the Cloud?

Optimise your costs: With the cloud, your data is not stored in your own premises but in datacentres, an externalised infrastructure that is specialised and highly secure. You avoid heavy investments in computer equipment and control your IT budget.

Gain flexibility: With the Cloud, you have an environment that is always adaptable to the evolution of your business, by only using the resources required for current needs. As such, you increase the responsiveness and efficiency of your organisation, develop your competitiveness, and reduce expenses. In addition, you no longer need to allocate human resources to the maintenance of your infrastructure.

Immediate use: The Oodrive Cloud solutions are intuitive and require no training. They integrate easily and seamlessly with your IT environment. Your staff can focus on high value tasks for your business.

Security and confidentiality

100% French Cloud Computing: With solutions developed and hosted in France, Oodrive guarantees the security and confidentiality of your data, in accordance with the protective French laws. They are therefore not subject to the Freedom Act, a US law that allows access to information belonging to companies.

Highly protected hosting:

  • Redundant data is stored at two datacentres located in France and situated at least 30 km apart
  • High performance infrastructure: round-the-clock monitoring, anti-fire doors, electrical safety, fire detection, custom codes and alarms, etc.
  • ISO 27001 certified hosting

Monitoring tools: Our solutions are easily administered from a management console, allowing centralised management of user accounts and consumption or for tracking user activity as well as receive system alerts and reports.

Security and confidentiality

Why choose the Oodrive solutions?

Security and confidentiality

  • French hosting
  • French-based support and R&D
  • Management tools
  • Certifications


  • Resources
  • Subscriptions
  • Infrastructure
  • Service

Get started immediately

  • No training required
  • Seamless deployment
  • Intuitive solutions
  • Offloading of computing tasks

Cloud specialist

  • 15 years of expertise
  • 15,000 business customers
  • 95% renewal rate
  • 70% of the 40 largest French companies

A wide range of solutions

Online file sharing and collaboration

Share and sync your documents. Facilitate exchanges internally and externally through secure collaborative platforms.

Backup and archiving

Protect your business’ important data, regardless of the volume and your infrastructure type.

Digital trust

Ensure the integrity of the data and the security of exchanges through a comprehensive range of solutions: certificates, electronic signature and time stamps.