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The government is the driving force behind the digitization of such communications and procedures. It is behind the initiative to set up paperless communications among companies, local authorities and public administrative agencies. The procedures of responding to public tenders, the billing local authorities and transferring financial flows have all become paperless processes. Simplifying and protecting such communications and ensuring they comply with the regulations is a major issue in the public sector.

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Compliance with the regulatory requirements

Oodrive ensures that your documents and processes meet the regulatory requirements imposed by the government. Our solutions, which have been audited and certified, provide a high level of security and ensure the traceability of your communications. In addition, your data will be hosted on our infrastructure in France. Relying on CertEurope, a group company and Trusted Third Party complying with French security guidelines [RGS], Oodrive ensures that your communications comply with administrative agency requirements.

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Make your activities more effective and smoother

Oodrive’s Cloud-based solutions make your teams more effective and promote the application of your organization’s security policy. Cut down on processing costs by going fully paperless in your procedures, documents, and communications with administrative agencies. Oodrive provides users with easy access to online services and secure information exchanges, making your activities run more smoothly.

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