Optimize your infrastructure management

Conventional file servers are often difficult for mobile employees to access. They don’t let you share information easily or encourage collaboration between teams or external communication partners. By opting for file-sharing and collaboration applications, you’ll boost your user productivity and simplify your infrastructure by outsourcing those applications and their management. The online backups, too, will let you streamline your infrastructure, automate more tasks and simplify management for your teams. 

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Agility & cost control

With Oodrive solutions, you can upgrade your infrastructure step by step. You can connect or interface the applications that need to remain on your computers to Oodrive Cloud services to meet your specific security and availability requirements. You will also enjoy all the benefits and the agility of the cloud by creating a perfect balance in terms of confidentiality, cost optimization and efficiency.

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More security for sensitive data

To cope with increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks, host your data in a data center meeting the strictest certifications. Using solutions designed to meet recognized security standards will solve the security issues related to your internal infrastructure. By outsourcing your data, you’ll ensure that you can be back up and running in case of an IT malfunction, computer crash or a company-wide problem.

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