Digitizing and simplifying business processes

Manual processes slow down your digital transformation. By going paperless in your approval, contracting or billing processes, you’ll relieve your employees of the burden of unprofitable routine tasks so that they can concentrate on their core business. Under your control, your digitized documents will be available for your internal or external communication partners. Users will be more efficient thanks to an intuitive, 100% digital experience. 

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Reliable digital services

Oodrive allows you to roll out digital services that meet regulations and are protected against risks. We offer an adjustable range of services with different levels of security to meet your specific regulatory needs and to build up mutual confidence between the users and your organization. Whether to approve an invoice, sales contract or pay slip, your digital processes will be simple, reliable and comply with regulations.

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Improve productivity and cut costs

Oodrive solutions allow you to set up innovative digital services that will revolutionize your customer relations and facilitate collaboration with your suppliers and users. In customer relations, online subscription will cut your processing costs and increase your conversion rates. Electronic billing will facilitate your client-supplier relationship by reducing risks of errors and document processing costs.

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