Simplify processes and cut down on costs

To make your teams more productive, it is essential to set up secure digital processes ensuring regulatory compliance. Our cloud-based solutions allow to automate your low value-added tasks and reduce your operating expenses. With Oodrive, you can simplify HR document management for new employees and process invoices, orders or contract documents more securely and effectively.

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Simpler collaboration with your operational departments

Oodrive solutions make your projects run more smoothly. You can access and distribute information more easily in order to provide the operational departments with proper support, especially by accelerating recruitment and facilitating the integration of new employees. Our solutions improve collaboration with your partners and suppliers by providing them with controlled and secure access to the information they need.

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Protect your company’s documentary assets

With Oodrive, you maintain control over information while complying with your company’s security policy. Your documents and data will be stored securely and hosted in France, within the European legal framework. For your HR management, Oodrive ensures that you comply with the specific regulations for payslips or your unique database, and does the same for your management activities, ensuring invoices, quotes and purchase orders are compliant too.

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