Axa France digitalizes its Board meetings with oodrive_meeting

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6,3 million

customers in France

33 000


25 billion

of turnover every year

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Banking, Finance and Insurance


Axa is a multinational specializing in property-casualty insurance, life insurance and asset management.

The Group is active in 57 countries with 163,000 employees (33,000 in France) serving 102 million clients.

Its shares are listed on the Paris stock exchange (Euronext Paris) and are included in the CAC 40 and Euronext 100 indexes.

AXA France selected the oodrive_meeting solution to manage its Board meetings. The Group sought to more easily provide all documents needed to ensure the smooth running of their internal committee meetings.

AXA France actively operates in all insurance services. It is not only the established market leader in France,but also has significant international reach. In 2019, AXA France generated revenue of more than €25 billion. AXA benefits from an extensive network in France, comprising insurance agents, employees and insurance brokers.

Hubert Marck, Director of Public Affairs and Secretary to AXA France Board meetings shareshis experience of oodrive_meeting and explains its role in his day-to-day tasks.

What exactly is meant by “Secretary to AXA France Board meetings” ?

Hubert Marck works alongside the AXA France Chairman and CEO. He is tasked with preparing and running the agendas and minutes of the Board of Directors and AXA France’s three special committees: the Compensation and CSR Committee, the Risk Committee and the Audit Committee. Mr. Marck provides an interface between all contact points and directors of the various committees and the Board of Directors. Hubert Marck must periodically manage the publication of sensitive content in his daily activities. As such, he needed a solution that could quickly share documents using a simple and fully secure process.

Make your daily work schedule easier by going digital

Hubert Marck commented: “With oodrive_meeting, my focus was on going paperless.” First, oodrive’s solution hosts your required documentation (notices, presentations, memos and minutes) online before sending them to your relevant contacts. Once you go digital, documents are made available to all authorized contacts, anytime, anywhere.

Say goodbye to paper and manage your files from a single platform. All of this has saved Hubert and his directors precious time.

Commenting on this, Mr. Marck said: “Let me give you a real-life example. Very often, directors cannot access presentation documents during committee meetings. With oodrive_meeting, I can directly upload all documents and directors receive them immediately. I don’t even have to send an email.

A practical tool that prioritizes your confidentiality

Hubert added:“oodrive_meeting has the double benefit of going digital and strengthening your security.” By choosing to go digital, you also choose to control access to shared documents. Your assigned documents are exclusively available to preselected directors. By eliminating paper and entering the secure world of oodrive, the oodrive_meeting solution ultimately ensures confidentiality and security at all of AXA France’s strategic committee meetings.

On top of security, it provides simplicity for users in their day-to-day tasks. The single platform access for all files saves time for Hubert and the directors. In addition, they no longer even need to check their email to find all the documents for their meetings.

Hubert concluded: “oodrive_meeting lets you transition to digital in a way that is fully secure and completely intuitive.”

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