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Afflelou is the European leader in optical equipment and hearing aid franchises.

Founded in 1972 by Alain Afflelou with its first store opening in Bordeaux, the Afflelou Group today benefits from a long-standing presence in France, where it was the leading optical product franchise network in 2017. The Group also has a strong foothold in Spain.

Today, with its network of 1,420 stores across 20 countries, the Afflelou Group meets the diverse needs of eyeglass and hearing aid wearers through a multi-format, multi-brand, multi-product and multi-channel offering.

The Afflelou Group owes its successful growth to its franchise-focused business model.

The ALAIN AFFLELOU Group, a leading European franchiser with 1,400 points of sale (including 500 franchises) wished to accelerate the digitalization of its relations with its network of franchises while ensuring its security. The Group decided to digitalize its contract process by integrating an electronic signature solution. Afflelou also decided to supply its Legal Department with new company-wide file sharing tools.

Digitalizing signatures and file sharing while respecting legal requirements

The contract signing stage is key to the development of franchises. The act of signing is tantamount to acceptance of the contractual conditions which govern the franchisor-franchisee relationship. The key challenge for the ALAIN AFFLELOU Group was to replace handwritten signatures (two letters with contractual acknowledgements of receipt) with an electronic process that provide guarantees similar to those of provided by the traditional process. The Group also decided to secure its process for sharing files containing confidential information.

The ALAIN AFFLELOU Group chose the oodrive_sign and oodrive_share solutions in an effort to establish its own security policy as regards contract signing and file sharing with its franchisee network.

Oodrive oversaw the deployment of the solutions and the standardization of practices

Thanks to oodrive_sign, the ALAIN AFFLELOU Group opted to implement a process that can be used as evidence in disputes. Afflelou’s policy also meets the legal requirements concerning signatory identification and the integrity of the signed document. The service consists of APIs developed by oodrive’s teams which are directly integrated into the online franchisee platform.

By deployingoodrive_share, a business-friendly and fully secure file sharing and synchronization solution, the Afflelou Group has standardized its file sharing practices. Afflelou’s business often handles confidential content, which is shared between its Legal Department and franchisees who each used their own private sphere solutions before oodrive_share was introduced.

Guaranteed data confidentiality and optimized costs and turnaround

The rollout of oodrive_sign and oodrive_share within Afflelou’s Legal Department and across its network has reduced the number of tasks necessary to draw up a contract and ensure confidential file sharing. As a result, contracts are now finalized much more quickly and the solution has proved cost-effective.

oodrive_share delivers unrestricted and fully secure file sharing (file access restriction, user activity management). In doing so, users seamlessly apply the Afflelou Group’s security policy with a solution that is directly implemented in Outlook. The ALAIN AFFLELOU GROUP’s Information Systems Department’s decision to work with oodrive is fully justified by the smooth roll-out and user experience The Group’s Legal Department has improved its performance in managing contracts and has optimized its contract reminder process. The new tools are extremely popular in France and Spain. In fact, their popularity has led the Afflelou Group to make plans to introduce them in other business departments and countries.

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