20 September 2016

Cegedim, a major player in electronic exchanges in Europe, is launching a new version of its e-signature solution, CG Pass, in partnership with Oodrive’s subsidiary CertEurope. Cegedim can now meet the requirements of any European company wanting to implement an e-signature process.

Law 2000-230 of March 13, 2000, gives e-signatures the same legal weight as handwritten signatures for any type of document. To serve as evidence and ensure document security, e-signatures must offer proof of the identity of the person signing the document, and the process must be executed by using a certificate generated by a trusted third party.

An integrated, customized solution

Cegedim’s CG Pass is a comprehensive e-signature solution. It creates electronic signature files (containing one or more documents) and an accompanying digital signature workflow. This workflow decides the order of signatures and, for each signer, the documents that he or she must sign or simply review, the type of certificate to use, the signer authentication method, any fields that need to be filled in or changed, and the list of recipients.

CG Pass can be used in any business field to sign any type of document: estimates, sales contracts, purchase orders, engagement letters, listing contracts, lease agreements, employment contracts, SEPA mandates, emails, and more.

Key advantages:

checkCG Pass integrates easily into any business-specific environment, but also has its own portal for signature file preparation;


CG Pass has its own secure e-safe (in compliance with ISO 14641-1) where all signed documents are archived along with an audit trail retracing each step of the signing checkprocess;


checkCG Pass is available as a private label solution that allows clients to personalize every aspect of the signing process (screens, email content and addresses, text-message content, URL, etc.).


Compliant with new European eIDAS regulations

Cegedim has formed a partnership with Oodrive’s subsidiary CertEurope, a qualified certification service provider that meets the terms of the order of July 26, 2004, and is an RGS*** provider (Référentiel Général de Sécurité). This agreement will allow Cegedim to launch a new version of CG Pass that is fully integrated with CertiPKI services, which generate and deliver certificates.

The RGS* and RGS** certificates generated by CertiPKI include individual certificates, company certificates (server certificates) and temporary certificates. By combining CG Pass with CertiPKI, users that don’t have their own certificate can generate a temporary certificate during the signing process.

CertEurope complies with European regulations (ETSI) and is a service provider for digital Trust, the leading name in BtoB electronic certification with more than 1 million RGS** certificated delivered and several hundreds of millions of timestamp tokens issued. CertEurope has already prepared a new chain of confidence that complies with eIDAS, the new European regulation.

About Cegedim:

Founded in 1969, Cegedim is an innovative technology and services company in the field of digital data flow management for healthcare ecosystems and B2B, and a business software publisher for healthcare and insurance professionals. Cegedim employs more than 3,600 people in 11 countries and generated revenue of €426 million in 2015. Cegedim SA is listed in Paris (EURONEXT: CGM). To learn more, please visit: www.cegedim.com. And follow Cegedim on Twitter: @CegedimGroup and LinkedIn

Hélène Toutchkov

Hélène Toutchkov
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