Electronic signature & Bancassurance: A digital solution for workflows and contracts

Perspectives - Electronic signature & bancassurance More and more contracts are now being concluded online. And the bancassurance sector is…

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Electronic signature: the path to standardization

Perspectives - Electronic signature The electronic signature is still facing huge hurdles in businesses, with public authorities lacking a firmly established digital identity. We invited Jean-Pierre Quémard - Chair of the Digital Trust Alliance in France - and Frédéric Fouyet - Innovation Director at Oodrive - to discuss why this is happening. How well developed are businesses when it comes…

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Choose your method of electronic signature

The electronic signature serves as a mark of confidence in your digital communications. Its features make it a tool that provides more efficiency, reliability, and security than a manual process ever could. It essentially allows you to identify the signatory (individual or company) with certainty, to confirm their commitment by sealing the document, and ensure the integrity of the signed…

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A true driver of performance – the electronic signature will revolutionize the way your business operates


How to structure and launch an electronic signature project in your company ?

A true driver of performance – the electronic signature will revolutionize the way your business operates. Taking the time to structure the roll-out is vital. This approach allows you to identify any obstacles, manage expectations, and bring teams and departments together. That increases your chances of success and ensures that you reap the rewards both now and over the years…

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SSL certificates – build trust into your online communications

Security is no longer optional these days when it comes to surfing the web. We all need to be on our guard, and think about protecting our identity and our data. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep the information we send and receive over the web confidential, in view of cyberthreats which are coming thick and fast. But fortunately, there…

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Infographics – Secure web navigation

IT departments and users want to enjoy flexibility when browsing the web. But how can they guarantee the highest level of security at the same time? The answer could well be virtualization.

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Blockchain: a secure, decentralized database that’s impossible to forge

Blockchain. The word is everywhere. You’ve probably been hearing the media talking about it for several years. But what is it actually about? Is it really a revolution, as French magazine Le Point puts it? Can this technology change the world, as The Economist claimed a few months ago? Let’s take a look at the phenomenon that’s raising a lot…

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How can the cloud solve the problems your customers face every day?

Never lose any photos or videos from your smartphone again Photos, videos, contact lists, emails, schedules... our smartphones store extremely valuable data that we want to be able to access at any time and would never want to lose. According to a study, 91% of users[1] believe it is essential to be able to access their photos instantly wherever they…

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