The trusted electronic signature for all companies

Major corporations, small and mid-sized companies, very small enterprises, public institutions: accelerate your processes with electronic signatures or electronic stamps that are compliant, secure and easy to use. Thanks to Oodrive Sign,you can personalise and integrate the electronic signature into your business applications and your workflow.

The secure and eIDAS-compliant electronic signature

The Oodrive Sign electronic signature is in full compliance with legislation, both in France and in the European Union. Thanks to Oodrive Sign, your electronic signatures are legally binding. Your signatories can provide proof of their consent regarding a document while also proving its integrity and confirming their identity.


Possibility of hosting your data on a qualified SecNumCloud server.

regulation compliant

For legally binding electronic signatures throughout the EU and worldwide.

Three levels of

For the level of security based on your usage: qualified, advanced or simple signature.

Legal probative

Probative value in law and compliant with the GDPR regulation on data storage.

Simplify your electronic signature processes

With Oodrive Sign, you can sign your documents online and remotely, in an easy, fast and secure way and accelerate your processes. Oodrive Sign provides easy-to-use electronic signatures with full probative value in law. You no longer have to travel; you can save time and processing costs.

  • Have documents signed in three stages: drag and drop your documents, select the signatories and the signature mode and send your documents for signature.
  • Select from two signature modes: remote or face-to-face — with text message sending, an Oodrive exclusive. Offer your partners, customers, suppliers and signatories great flexibility.
  • Monitor in real time all of the signature stages and reduce processing times.
  • Store your signed documents according to the legal archiving standards in place to guarantee authenticity and integrity.
  • Remain productive even when travelling: thanks to the Oodrive Sign mobile application,
    manage your signatories and have your documents signed, even without network access.

Personalise your electronic signature and approval flows

Increase the efficiency of your business processes with electronic signatures
and approval workflows suited to your area of business.

  • Thanks to Smartfields®, you can automatically fill in and collect information from your signatories to create document models. An Oodrive Sign exclusive.
  • Create your personalised signature workflows based on your document types, approval flows and your area of business (work contracts, corporate charters, estimates, contracts, bills, agreements, leases, etc.).
  • Integrate Oodrive Sign into your workflow thanks to tailor-made assistance from
    our Customer Success Management team.

Key features
of the Oodrive Sign electronic signature

Smartfields® personalisable fields

Automate the creation of documents by adding personalised fields. Fill in and collect information from your signatories.

Signature campaigns

Create campaigns in a few clicks and have a large number of documents signed by different signatories.

Document bundles

Sign several documents with just one single expression of consent for the customer while also building a file of independent legal proof.

Offline mode

Have your documents signed from wherever you are with no network (wifi, 4G). They appear on your dashboard as soon as a network connection is available.

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The power of the electronic signature within your business applications

Integrate electronic signatures into all of your processes. The Oodrive Sign API approach facilitates integration of the electronic signature into your business applications and workflows.

  • Get started rapidly: with the API first approach, Oodrive Sign is designed to be integrated with all tools and all business applications.
  • Integrate the electronic signature into your CRM (for example Salesforce) or your HRIS and fully steer your contractual business directly from your work environment.
Intégration de la signature électronique dans vos applications métiers
Are you an independent software publisher?

Provide a complete experience to your customers thanks to the Oodrive Sign connector and boost the value of your offerings.

Signature électronique pour éditeurs de logiciels indépendant

Integrate the electronic signature into your collaborative environment

Oodrive Sign is interoperable with the other solutions in the Oodrive trusted collaboration suite. From a single environment, share all your sensitive content efficiently, digitise your governance meetings and back up your data, while simplifying the electronic signature of your documents.

More than 3,500 companies place their trust in us
« Oodrive Sign nous permet de signer des documents à distance, de manière instantanée, et dans un cadre juridique sécurisé. L’outil est donc parfaitement adapté à nos besoins. »
Patrice Roger ,

Directeur Juridique et Assurances Groupe


What is an electronic signature?

Learn about electronic signatures, probative value, compliance, and more with our FAQs.

An electronic signature is a dematerialised signature. More than simply the digital equivalent of a handwritten signature, it is a technical process by which a signatory appends their agreement (signature) to a digital document using a dedicated tool.

Signing a document electronically requires the use of a signature tool (which irrevocably confirms the signer’s engagement and guarantees the integrity of the signed document) and the support of an electronic licence provided by a trusted third party.

An electronic signature reduces processing times, improves document security and traceability, ensures legal compliance, optimises signature procedures, saves money and, by reducing the use of paper, reduces harm to the environment.

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