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Human Resources

Human Resources

From employee records containing personally identifiable information (PII) through to compensation plans, HR information is often highly sensitive. You have to keep tight control of data storage and document sharing, as well as ensure the consistent disposal of content in compliance with regulatory policies.

Why Oodrive

Create productive and
secure HR processes

Cut down on paper and automate manual processes for faster, more effective action. Work from a single, secure point of truth, and create integrations with the Oodrive API.

Offer outstanding
candidate experiences

Oversee, control, and accelerate the recruitment process, with secure data collection, faster due diligence, and fully-compliant electronic signatures.

legal compliance

Simplify retention, legal holds and discovery, and disposal obligations. Manage employee records and confidential information in full compliance with employment and data privacy regulations.

Enable confidential

Set up fully compliant personalised portals to give employees secure access to their documentation, training material and individual paperwork, such as benefits plans.

begins with trust

Find out how your business can secure sensitive content, without slowing down work.