Strong authentication: why do you need two factors to protect your confidential information?

Companies these days are torn between their desire to find new technologies that facilitate communications and increase productivity, and their…

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Shadow IT: is your corporate security at risk?

It can’t be stressed enough. Keep your guard up online, remembering you are dealing with sensitive data or working outside of the office.  Cyberthreats are all around us, and they show no sign of slowing down. That’s why we need to take all the measures we can to protect company IT systems. But threats to a company’s security policy can…

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How can banking institutions protect their IT systems?

How can banks and other financial institutions ensure their computer systems are secure? For a few years now, the banking and financial sector has been increasingly targeted by cybercriminals. Digital transformation has been marked by an increase in the risk of computer system vulnerabilities, data theft, and hacking. In an attempt to quell the phenomenon, authorities are gradually adopting initiatives…

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Industrial espionage: a serious threat to strategic companies

Cyberspying is one of the biggest problems facing companies today. Businesses can wage economic war as much as any country could, all with the aim of extracting strategic information. These days, sensitive information needs to be securely protected, as the target of choice for hackers. And industrial espionage is a very serious threat, in particular for strategic or critical businesses.…

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Corporate cybersecurity: the challenges, the risks, and good practice

Companies are still largely unaware of how significant the challenges are when it comes to cybersecurity, let alone how to tackle them. Yet, the effects of a cyberattack, a technical fault, or human error can seriously harm a business’s operations. So, it’s essential to put safeguards in place to protect against online threats. 80% of organizations have been hit by…

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From PSD1 to PSD2: improving the security of your transactions

On September 14, 2019, the new security standards established by the PSD2, the second Payment Services Directive, will come into force. This will replace the PSD1, which has itself been in force for ten years. Version two will encourage us to change our habits and improve security for consumers, banks, and service providers alike. First milestone with PSD1 The first…

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The Great Firewall : cybersecurity according to China

Cybersecurity in China The internet penetration rate continues to rise in France (88%) and across the world (55%). The same is true of social networks, according to the third edition of a report by the French Interior Ministry on cyber threats. But while people in many countries enjoy unrestricted access to websites at any time, that is not the case…

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Cybersecurity: 600 sensitive infrastructure operators facing specific obligations

Cybersecurity affects us all. Every company, large and small, in every sector is a potential target. But in some cases, sensitive infrastructure operators for example, a cyberattack can have huge repercussions on an entire country. Operators of Vital Importance (OVIs) and Operators of Essential Services (OESs) need to have a specific security policy in place to tackle these threats, with…

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