Your secure and sovereign solution for collaboration


Oodrive Work provides an online workspace for all essential tools in one place to foster collaboration and share all your sensitive documents in a trusted Cloud environment delivering frictionless security.


Delivering foolproof secure online collaboration, thanks to Oodrive

Day in, day out, more than one million people use Oodrive Work, enjoying seamless online collaboration.
Oodrive Work guarantees the highest level of security by ensuring the integrity, confidentiality and traceability of all shared and edited files.

Developing fully secure spaces for collaboration and sharing

Streamline collaboration between your teams and third parties by utilizing Oodrive Work, which enables them to create, store and share their sensitive content in a fully secure environment.

  • Collaborate through a seamless and structured approach:
    Centralize, organize and coordinate your team resources in public and private domains, using an intuitive interface.
  • Leverage best-in-class features to enable impactful online collaboration: Create and edit documents together online thanks to collaborative workflow files.
    Introduce signature processes for your documents, all within a secure space.
  • Securely share and find external files: Generate shareable links and emails, free of format and size restrictions.
    Access the files of your partners, customers or any other third party in just a few clicks.

Implementing frictionless, sovereign data security

Oodrive Work provides you with a regulatory-compliant and trusted sovereign Cloud environment for all your sensitive content.
What’s more, administration modules ensure advanced management of security options, with agile configuration that is tailored to your security policy.

Introducing a trusted collaborative environment, made in France

  • France-based hosting and operating environment: data not subject to extraterritorial laws such as the US’ Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (FISA) and Cloud Acts.
  • SecNumCloud qualification: opt for a single SaaS solution with best-in-class security overseen by the French National Cyber Security Agency (ANSSI), covering the widest scope.
  •  ISO 27001, ISO 27701, Health Data Hosting (HDS) certifications, and compliance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation.

Enforcing foolproof data security:

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Granular management of user account and data lifecycles
  • Data and workflow encryption
  • Across-the-board traceability
Give your teams the confidence they need to collaborate effectively

« We supply jets both for commercial use and for the defense sector, so we need a secure system to share confidential information with our subsidiaries. Oodrive is THAT system. »

Laurent Bendavid, CIO, Dassault Aviation

Deploying a fully interoperable solution

Make your day-to-day easier using Oodrive work, which seamlessly integrates with your standard office applications

  • Edit and co-edit office documentation online via Office 365 or our partner, Collabora Online, in a permanently guaranteed sovereign environment. Use the Outlook email plugin to effortlessly share content from workstations. Synchronize data using Websynchro
  • Expedite decision-making by electronically signing documents via Oodrive Sign.
  • Install the Oodrive Work mobile app to access data offline and on the go.

Watch Oodrive Work in action

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What is a trusted collaboration platform?

Learn about trusted collaboration, project data security, and more with our FAQs.

A trusted collaboration platform brings together all the information and documents needed to move a project forward. Users have access to a virtual space where they can upload and edit files and share them with internal and external contacts.

Unsecured collaborative working online exposes a company to sensitive data leaks. More than two-thirds of organisations believe they are exposed to cyber attacks. It is therefore essential to choose a collaborative solution that offers maximum guarantees.

A quality collaboration platform must include features that simplify, optimise and secure project management: simplified navigation, synchronised editing and modification, administration of access and usage rights, smooth sharing, mobile access, etc.